Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to skip out on a conversation at a party. Let’s be honest, we all have, and to avoid talking, the best strategy is to dominate the snack table.

If you strategically plan your snacking, you can successfully avoid any unwanted interaction. Here are a list of snacks to get you out of some seriously uncomfortable party chat.

Garlic-y Hummus


Photo by Parisa Soraya

One word. Garlic. Check out the recipe.

Spinach Dip


GIF by Samantha Ho

Spinach is known to get caught in your teeth, and after this killer dip, you’ll have the best excuse to back out of a conversation to find a mirror.



Photo by Holly Birchfield

No one really wants to talk to someone while they chew, and luckily for you, caramels take a long time to get through. Warning: unless you’re partying at Grandma’s, you probably won’t have access (that’s why you should bring your own).



Photo by Alina Polishuk

Kernels from any of these delicious popcorn recipes get stuck in your throat, and VOILA, you’re coughing ’til next weekend.

Tortilla Chips


Photo by Amanda Gajdosik

Tortilla chips are brutal — those corners cut your cheeks and you’ll be too uncomfortable to chat. Find a recipe for some homemade chips here.

The Cheese Plate


Photo by Becca Buchanan

For the fancy AF parties, if you’re snacking on funky smelling cheese, people will definitely want to stay away. Wondering how to put one together? Here’s how.



Photo by Camille Reisfield

Imagine spinach-y teeth, but brown. You’re definitely going to want to avoid showing those off. Recipe here.

Potato Chips


Photo by Mary Sullivan

Eat one potato chip and enter into a vicious cycle — salty chips make you thirsty, and after a drink you’ll want more chips. There won’t be time to talk to anyone. Bonus: This recipe is spicy, so you’ll definitely need a drink to tame the heat.