So what REALLY are shin splints you may ask? Well, we can classify them as lower leg pain that is found either on the front outside or inside of the shins. The fancy name is medial tibial stress syndrome, and creates sharp pains when you’re performing physical activity, such as running.


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These pains often occur in runners who:

  • Do not build up strength at a steady pace (slow and steady wins last place prize which probably involves coupons to Chipotle)
  • Experienced runners who may suddenly change their workouts
  • Too much, too soon! (So pretty much chill out and eat a burrito)

Basically, professionals can’t pin point a specific cause, but many theories revolve around the inflammation of connective tissue surrounding the tibia, creating stress within the leg and possibly leading to a fracture in the bone.


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Step away from the computer.

If you are anything like me, suddenly you’ve been on WebMD (yes I did insert the link just in case) for 4 hours falling quickly into severe and unlikely injuries that are probably… scratch that, most definitely NOT what your true diagnosis is. Cyberchondria is alive and real. So beware.

Some tips for treatment involve:

Things To Keep In Mind:

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  • Finding the right shoe for YOU. Ya I get it, you wanna look good. Pain is beauty or is beauty pain?
  • Consider talking to a trainer who could put together a personal fitness plan
  • Again, chill out. Grab a burrito.