Reflecting on my first year at Emory brought to mind the variety of restaurants I have had the chance to try. Rather than writing a regular summary highlighting them, I decided to write an article correlating each one with an area of study. I'm not sure if anyone enjoys Buzzfeed quizzes quite as much as I do, but if so, this article is right up your alley.  

#1. Business

At Emory, the business school is somewhat a world of its own. It is one of the most popular areas of study, and for great reason. Similarly, The General Muir is an Emory staple for brunch or a nice dinner. Just as The General Muir has a large menu catering to a variety of palettes, the business school offers tons of concentration options to its students. Both are aesthetically pleasing, and probably something you'd show to your parents or a prospective student/family.

#2. Pre-med 

For all of my aspiring doctors, I went with another classic: Bartaco. Many students come to Emory with a dream of going to medical school, despite warnings of the path's rigor and challenges. Like the pre-med path, Bartaco is highly popular; people love the food and the cocktails, and for great reason! However, friends may suggest another option, as Bartaco is relatively basic. But as you may guess, that suggestion, or warning, is not really weighed. Pre-med students will keep to their dream the way Bartaco stans will continue to revel in their comfort zone. (This is not a Bartaco slander article. That being said, I do suggest trying something more local, such as two of my favorite ATL restaurants, El Ponce or Bar-bacoa, next time you consider going for tacos). 

#3. Humanities

For this pairing, I have very little evidence. Something about the warm, welcoming ambience of Sun In My Belly just lines up perfectly with the humanities. Students studying humanities fields are often more down-to-earth, those who excel when it comes to savoring the moment. Sun In My Belly has the exact same energy, and that is really all I can back up this correlation with. Order the french toast and dine outside, and you'll understand.

#4. Social Sciences

Fields such as psychology and sociology encompass another popular Emory area of study, so its paired restaurant has to match that same energy. Ponce City Market has something for just about everyone, similar to how the social sciences draw all kinds of students looking to pursue a wide variety of career paths. In the way that Ponce always has so much going on, social science students are always taking in their surroundings and looking for deeper meanings. There are so many great options at Ponce, but my personal favorite is Botiwalla.

#5. Foreign Language

This is another pairing that just ~felt right~. No. 246 is a super popular restaurant, because of its relatively close location and delicious menu. Foreign language students seem to have things figured out; they are cultured and wise, and they know what they want. They are the type of people you want to bring home to meet your mom. No. 246 is all of these traits wrapped up in one eatery, a go-to restaurant for parents' weekend. Foreign language friends will kindly teach you the proper pronunciation of gnocchi, which you can then order and enjoy at 246!