Most of the population has spent quarantine binging TV shows, both for comfort and to make up for all the actual experiences we've missed out on in the past year. Maybe you’ve been binging every new show released, or maybe you’ve stuck with rewatching old favorites you know will make you feel a little bit better while you’re stuck inside. Whatever your style has been, check out this list of recipes you should make based off your quarantine binge show.  

The Office

If you spent the pandemic rewatching The Office, you were probably desperate for something comforting. It’s understandable—it’s a classic show that's easy to digest. Why watch something that’s just gonna stress you out more right now? If this sounds like you, try cooking up this creamy and garlicky No-stir Brie Risotto with Lemon Butter Asparagus for something even more comforting than Kevin's homemade chili. 

Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is the perfect combination of stomach-churning and heartwarming. It’s suspenseful and wicked, but sometimes even sweet once you get past the graphic murders. If your quarantine binge-show has been Criminal Minds, you might be insightful and a bit serious. Try making this sweet and moist Italian Almond Tea Cake to eat with your tea or coffee while you ponder the evils of humanity. 

Grey's Anatomy

Maybe you watch for the cheesy romance, or maybe for the gory surgery scenes. Either way, this show is heartwarming, intense, and more than occasionally gut wrenching. This Extra-Billowy Dutch Baby Pancake is something soft, warm and comforting to help you get through the rollercoaster of emotions this show brings up. It’s easy to make either sweet or savory, depending on your preferences. Try it with cocoa powder, shaved chocolate, and cherries for stress-eating during the next time brain surgery is performed while the patient is awake. 


Hazey, tumultuous and emotional, Euphoria is dazzling with its raw portrayal of drugs, heartbreak and identity. The drama is explosive and the cast is vibrant and eccentric. If you haven't been able to stop thinking about this show, check out this recipe for Sparkling Lavender Lemonade. It's pretty and mysterious, and will hopefully cheer you up while you wait for the second season.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

This mind-expanding show takes your breath away with its incredible visuals and narration. It’s beautiful, engaging, and educational. If Cosmos is your favorite TV show, you’re probably adventurous and looking to try new things. Try spending a day making this bright and flavorful Pho to satisfy your need to learn and create. 

The Crown

European politics mixed with romance and scandal make this beautifully-shot show both intense and exciting. Sure, it’s a bit stiff at times, but only because it's so focused and intricate. For a recipe that’s every bit as effortful and impressive, try making these crumbly and buttery Lemon Blueberry Scones

American Horror Story

Dark, twisted and often grotesque are a few words to describe American Horror Story. The mind-twisting series is harrowing, thrilling, and sure to surprise you. If you've been watching or rewatching American Horror Story, try making these vegan spiced Pumpkin Bars (because you probably wish it was Halloween). 

If you've spent a majority of the last year sitting in front of your TV , it's okay, so has everyone else. Next time you feel your eyes starting to glaze over, check out one of these recipes and take a break from your screen while you cook.