The Hunger Games

Focaccia Bread

Yes, yes, I am well aware that Peeta did not throw Katniss burnt Focaccia bread in the pouring rain; however, I could see both Katniss and Peeta developing a much more refined taste after the tour of Panem and trying this at home. 

Focaccia is really simple bread for beginners. It does not require any fancy equipment but patience and high quality olive oil. You can get really creative with how you top your Focaccia - I highly recommend rosemary and garlic but you can theoretically do anything you'd like. 


Dauntless Chocolate Cake

When Tris' mother sneaks in to see her daughter, she reminds her to try the chocolate cake because it's delicious. This is the moment that Tris realizes her mother was actually a Dauntless. 

This is such a turning point in the book that you must simply commerarate it with making a decadent chocolate cake. There are many copycat recipes on the internet that try and create what was described in the books. Take a look and see what appeals to you most but nothing will be as daunting as trying to refrain from eating the whole cake. 

The Maze Runner

Tomato Soup and Biscuits

Food in the Glade was not exactly gourmet, but it was made with scarce resources and fostered a sense of community. 

Frypan made these boys who are lacking a home or known history feel contentment by providing the ultimate comfort food - tomato soup and biscuits. 

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