There's no denying that Pop-Tarts are one of the greatest inventions known to man. They've been with you for your entire life--from Saturday morning cartoons to late nights in the library.  Every flavor is great, but haven't you always wondered what Pop-Tart best fits your personality?  Here's a list of what Pop-Tart you should eat based on your Zodiac sign. 

Aries: Wild! Berry

Aries are natural leaders. They’re independent and always bringing excitement into the lives of others. A Wild! Berry Pop-Tart matches the Wild! soul of Aries

Taurus: Hot Fudge Sundae

Those who are Taurus are easy going, but also have a stubborn side. A Hot Fudge Sundae is both sweet and fiery, like a Taurus

Gemini: Confetti Cupcake

Pop Tarts

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Those who are Gemini are very energetic and known for their many sides. They’re considered social butterflies, so a confetti cupcake Pop-Tart is perfect.

Cancer: Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Those who are Cancer love comfort and nothing says comfort like a warm and gooey Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart.

Leo: S'mores

Leo is warmhearted, just like a S’more. A S’mores Pop-Tart is perfect for these life-loving people! It reminds us of summer nights by the campfire

 Virgo: Blueberry

Virgo is practical. A Blueberry Pop-Tart is no nonsense—perfect for hardworking and dedicated Virgo.

Libra: Strawberry

Libras are kind and gentle, and they get along with everyone. Strawberry Pop-Tarts are perfect for Libras because they’re a classic and everyone’s favorite.

Scorpio: Chocolatey Strawberry

Scorpio is the most passionate sign. A Chocolate Strawberry Pop-Tart is perfect for the intense Scorpio because it represents the fiery, trendsetting nature of a Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Watermelon

Those who are Sagittarius have positive outlooks on life and vibrant personalities. A Watermelon Pop-Tart is the perfect treat to capture the colorful nature of a Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Cherry

Loyal and structured, Capricorn reminds us of a Cherry Pop-Tart. Cherry is a classic and a flavor that will stick around forever, just like a devoted Capricorn.

Aquarius: Pink Lemonade 

Pop Tarts Pink Lemonade

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Aquarius is cutting-edge, individual and fresh, just like Pink Lemonade. A Pink Lemonade Pop-Tart represents an original twist on a classic, like Aquarius.

Pisces: Sugar Cookie

Pisces is helpful, warm and compassionate, like a Sugar Cookie. The comforting nature of a Pisces reminds us of a Sugar Cookie Pop-Tart.

Now that you know what Pop-Tart you should eat based on your Zodiac sign, check out this article on how college students prefer to eat their Pop-Tarts.