Aries - Avocado Toast

Aries are known for being brave and having exciting energy. Though it may be mainstream now, avocado toast was a brave leap to improve the typical range of breakfast foods. And you can't deny how exciting it is digging into photogenic food, especially a beautiful avocado toast. Aries are also known to be self-centered, similar to the way avocado toast has taken over Instagram foodie accounts everywhere. If you're in New York, Avocaderia is the place to go. And if you're ever in Boston, Tatte will always cure your avocado toast cravings!

Taurus - Pasta Alla Vodka

Trustworthy is one of the main words to describe a Taurus and if there's one food you can always count on it's pasta alla vodka. Whether it's penne or rigatoni, covering it in creamy vodka sauce will make anything taste good. Tauruses are also resistant to change, just like pasta alla vodka that is better off staying as it is. If you're in New York and in the mood for pasta alla vodka try Carbone. For some of the best pasta alla vodka on Long Island, 388 is the way to go!

Gemini - 24 Layer Chocolate Cake

Geminis have been known for being outgoing and impulsive. This 24 layer chocolate cake is the most outgoing chocolate cake ever and ordering it must be a hugely impulsive choice brought on by intense chocolate cravings. What foodie could ever resist? This 24 layer chocolate cake can only be found in New York City at Hunt & Fish Club.

Cancer - Oversized Pizza

Cancers are characterized as compassionate and nurturing which is exactly how people feel while eating pizza. It's natural comfort food. Cancers are also known for being aggressive which is something that an oversized piece of pizza definitely is. This crazy treat can be found at Koronet Pizza in New York City.

Leo - Rainbow Bagel

Leos are always known for being playful and fun. Rainbow bagels, especially ones with rainbow sprinkles, are practically the definition of fun and playful. What better way to improve a bagel than adding some color? Leo's are also known for being show-offs and nothing is more out there than a rainbow bagel! Check out the original rainbow bagel at The Bagel Store in New York. 

Virgo - Smoothie and Acai Bowls

Smoothie and Acai bowls show you that what you see is what you get, similar to the humble virtue that Virgos are known to have. Virgos are also characterized as organized and many are perfectionists. These beautiful fruit bowls are neat and organized, just like Virgos. If you're in Long Island check out Nooks & Kindles and if you're in New York City go try a bowl at Loco Coco.

Libra - Crispy Rice

Charming Libras are sure to feel connected to crispy rice topped with spicy tuna. The presentation is polished, just like how Libras come off to others. Crispy rice also relates to Libras's self-indulgent nature, due to the fact that it's usually a bit pricey. You can try this photogenic food at Toku on Long Island or at Koi in New York City.

Scorpio - XL Xiao Long Bao

Scorpios are known for being authentic and that's exactly what this Xiao Long Bao is about. The Druken Dumpling in New York City, where this extra large soup dumpling can be found, only uses ingredients from local farms and markets. This huge dumpling can be really intimidating, just like Scorpios are known for being. Go get your XL Xiao Long Bao now.

Sagittarius - Black Tap Milkshake

The enthusiastic nature of Sagittarius can be exemplified by the these loaded milkshakes. These shakes are both a drink and a dessert, showing off the versatile characteristic that Sagittarius possess. Sagittarius are also known for being gluttonous, meaning they would have no issue digging into a crazy dessert like this. These milkshakes can be found at Black Tap in New York City.

Capricorn - Avocado Burger

The perfect food for persistent Capricorns would have to be yet another avocado based delicacy, the avocado burger. This innovative burger demonstrates the ambitious nature of Capricorns perfectly. It also explores their pessimistic nature by removing the typical burger bun that is loved by many. You can get this avocado burger at Avocaderia in New York.

Aquarius - Milk Bar Birthday Cake

Friendly Aquariuses would definitely connect with this vanilla rainbow cake with vanilla frosting. The colorful sprinkles emphasize the strong sense of art that Aquariuses possess while also taking note of their scatterbrained personality. This delicious and fun looking dessert can be found at Milk Bar in New York City. 

Pisces - Fish-Shaped Ice Cream Cones

These fish shaped ice cream cones could have been made purposely for artsy Pisces. They're a great expression of the creative side that Pisces possess. Besides that, Pisces is known as the fish, making it a perfect match to these delicious ice cream cones. This gorgeous photogenic food can only be found at Taiyaki in New York City.