Aries - Wine

The confidence and enthusiasm of an Aries most identify with wine at the Passover seder. They are perfectly comfortable just drinking their wine and cracking jokes. After glasses upon glasses of Manischewitz, anyone can match the honesty of an Aries. 

Taurus - Egg (Beitzah)

Taurus's down to earth nature fits right in with the egg on the seder plate. Eggs are simple and great just the way they are. You can always count on an egg for a good snack, just like the dependable trait of a Taurus. 

Gemini - Maror (Bitter Herbs)

Despite the fact that Geminis are known to be adjustable and intellectual, they are more well known for being judgmental or should I say bitter. So it makes sense that Geminis would be Maror, the bitter herb, of the seder plate. 

Cancer - Zeroah (Shankbone)

The shank bone on the seder plate represents the sacrifice made the night the Jews left Egypt. Cancer's protective nature makes them very willing to sacrifice for others. Cancer is also known for being emotional, which comes out in everyone when making a big sacrifice. 

Leo - Story of the Exodus

Leo's desire to always be the center of attention aligns them perfectly with the Story of the Exodus. Dramatic and theatrical Leos will have no problem acting out the story for everyone at the table to hear. 

Virgo - Chazeret (Additional Bitter Herbs)

Even more bitter herbs! Virgos are known for being incredibly critical and short-tempered, allowing them to take the cake for chazeret, the additional bitter herbs. Virgos will have no time for your polite conversations at the Passover table. 

Libra - Charoset 

The sweet personality of a Libra most connects to the sweet and delicious Charoset on the seder plate. Most often served on matzah, this paste is beloved by Jews everywhere, just as charming Libras are very likeable. 

Scorpio - Afikoman

Scorpios, known for being very secretive, perfectly connect to the Afikoman, that is hidden every year. Scorpios are also very charismatic, just like the Afikoman which attracts kids of all ages to come to find it!

Sagittarius - Karpas (Vegetable)

Sagittarius are well known for being adventurous and also for enjoying nature, which makes them suitable for the Karpas, or vegetables, on the seder plate during Passover. 

Capricorn - Salt Water

Capricorns are often prone to reflection, whether inward or outward and saltwater naturally reflects what is above it making it a perfect match for Capricorns. The traditional nature of Capricorns also helps them to understand what the salt water represents. 

Aquarius - Blessings/Prayers

Aquarius is the blessings and prayers at the Passover seder. They are known for having high intelligence and for being very deep, meaning that they will be able to read and understand the blessings and prayers better than anyone!

Pisces - Elijah's Cup

The imaginative and wistful nature of a Pisces fits perfectly with Elijah's cup. Pisces love to imagine the arrival of Elijah and have no issue waiting for him to come as their imaginative thoughts can keep them busy for hours.