As the temperatures cool off and the sun goes down earlier, we all know winter is coming. And what comes along with the chilly weather is the need to cuddle up in bed with a good Netflix show...and maybe a S/O? Let’s face it, cuffing season is upon us. Don’t take it personally that you’re Netflix-and-Chilling all alone. Instead, indulge yourself. Might as well snack on something appropriate. Bikini body season is far, far away anyway.

Grey’s Anatomy: Easy Mac

With all the drama on Grey’s, both in the hospital and out, you’re going to want some comfort food to settle your nerves, and what’s more comforting than mac and cheese? Eating a steamy bowl of Easy Mac will let you indulge in something, including your McDreamy fantasies.

Stranger Things: Eggo Waffles

Eggo Waffles make a perfect addition to any Netflix watching session. Since they’re such a favorite in the show, eat some waffles along with Eleven as she gets into more trouble. At least you’re safe in bed.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Candy 

Name someone sweeter than Kimmy Schmidt. Candy will get you laughing along with her funny antics, and any kind of sugar will help you match Kimmy's constantly hyper mood. 

Shameless: Chicago-Style Popcorn Mix

Everyone’s favorite Chi-town show needs some Chicago-style (cheese and caramel) popcorn mix to go along with it. As you watch the scenes unfold, you can feel like you’re in the Windy City too. 

Gossip Girl: Truffle Salt Popcorn

Want to feel as fancy as the students of Constance Billard? Try some truffle salt popcorn. If you eat something fancy then you can at least pretend to be sitting on the Met Steps instead of snuggled up in your bed.

Gilmore Girls: Pop Tarts

Any type of Pop Tart will work if you want to match the unhealthy eating habits of the Gilmore Girls. While they’re chowing down on more take out Chinese or Luke’s Diner food, you can be eating all the Pop Tarts to your heart’s content.

Orange is the New Black: Ramen Noodles

Prison and a hot bowl of noodles. What could be better? I've never been to jail, but I feel like ramen is a prison food. MSG heaven.

Friends: Chex Mix

With the mix of personalities on Friends, you should have a snack to match. Each handful is something different, just like every episode of Friends. You never know what kind of trouble they’re going to get into this time.

Scandal: Glass of Wine

Want to feel as classy as Olivia Pope? Try a glass of wine. Sipping on a glass while watching her solve crisises is sure to have you wishing you were anywhere but your couch.

The Office: Potato Chips

What’s more of a classic than potato chips? And for that matter, what’s more of a classic than the Office? While you’re laughing at Michael’s off-base comments or crying over Jim and Pam, you’ll probably want a bag of potato chips by your side.

Riverdale: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Going along with the classic diner food on the show, chow down on some chocolate chip cookies while you’re watching Betty and Veronica battle it out for Archie. If you can get your hands on a milkshake, I respect you.

This cuffing season, spend some quality time with your Netflix and your snacks. Who needs romance? If loving carbs is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.