Meet your new snack partner! Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookies are filled with 16g of plant-based protein and 10g of fiber each. They're also vegan, dairy-free, non-GMO, and come in thirteen yummy flavors! 

January: Choco-Mint 

January- the holidays are wrapping up, you're starting a new semester, and you might find that you're a little nostalgic when you see kids making snow angels and playing outside. 

February: Snickerdoodle

Snickerdoodle cookies are the kind of warm treat you can enjoy with a cup of tea; Lenny & Larry's is no different! Their snickerdoodle cookies really brought me back to my childhood. All-in-all, these cookies are robust, flavorful, and a little bit spicy.

March: Peanut Butter

March is the time of year when exciting things happen (like St. Patty's day!), so I figured it pairs well with a classic (yet exciting) peanut butter flavor. I just think that peanut butter cookies are very youthful and fun!! Lenny & Larry's also makes a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie (#13). 

April: White Chocolate Macadamia 

You know what they say; "April showers bring... white chocolate macadamia cookies?" Anyways, I think that macadamia cookies don't always get the credit they deserve. The nuts inside of these complete cookies are crunchy and complement the chocolate of the cookie very well. 

May: Salted Caramel

Salted caramel is another flavor with a ton of potential. I like to eat salted caramel cookies where the caramel is stringy and sweet rather than in chips or chunks. I also give bonus points to cookies where there are salt crystals visible (to both the naked eye and my taste buds). Although Lenny & Larry's might need a little improvement on this front, I think that the salted caramel is still a solid option. 

 June: Lemon Poppyseed 

Lemon poppyseed is a fun, warm, and spring-like flavor! 

July: Double Chocolate

I would say the Double Chocolate flavor comes in at a close second for me. It's rich, decadent, and almost brownie-like. 

August: Apple Pie 

It's back-to-school, so why not kick it back with an old-school flavor like apple pie? Lenny & Larry's apple pie cookies contain bits and pieces of apple along with warm, fall spices.

September: Chocolate Donut 

I would prefer an apple cider donut, but chocolate is okay too! Their chocolate donut flavor is fun and reminds me of childhood trips with my parents to Dunkin Donuts for the occasional treat. Chocolate donut cookies taste great with a warm cup of coffee! 

October: Chocolate Chip

I might be a little biased here because chocolate chip cookies are my FAVORITE and I was born in October. But, discussion is still warranted. I prefer my chocolate chip cookies to be chewy, soft, and with melty chocolate chips. Although Lenny & Larry's might not match up to this description, the flavor (and the potential) is there! 

November: Oatmeal Raisin

People LOVE to talk trash on oatmeal raisin cookies, but I think there's some truth in how tasty they can actually be. Oatmeal in any cookie provides texture and a lil' something special. If you don't get along with raisins, I see your hesitation to trying these cookies. But you have to give them some credit- especially if they've lasted this long in history. 

December: Birthday Cake 

We're ending the year out with the most timeless birthday treat: a cake! These cookies are filled with sprinkles that will make you want to celebrate all year round.