Hot sauce is more than a condiment, it’s a way of life. Call me crazy, but I genuinely find that even the grossest of foods are improved with some hot sauce. Granted, it’s not great on everything (like ice cream- ew), but it’s amazing with most other things! Additionally, with its alleged benefits to your metabolism and anti-aging properties, putting hot sauce on everything seems like a no-brainer. Keep reading to find out what kind of hot sauce you need in your life!


As staple in many Mexican restaurants, Cholula is a tried and true classic with strong flavors complemented by lime and peppers. Add it to your tacos, scrambled eggs, and even  to your beloved morning bacon, egg, and cheese to give your tastebuds an unforgettable wake up. You can get it in five different flavors- the Chili Lime is a definite must-try! If you’re looking for a delicious hot sauce with a big flavor bomb and without a super-spicy zing, you’ve met your match. 

#SpoonTip: Try adding a dash to your go-to chili or soup recipe to bring it to the next level.


Distinguished by its appearance in a clear bottle with a bright green squeeze top, Sriracha is one of the most universally well-known hot sauces. With a thick, paste like consistency, its Thai roots and have lead it to the condiment hall of fame. Enjoy it with meals such as seafood and pho! You’ll also find it used as a burger topping- giving the quintessential meal an added kick. If you want a potent sauce with a strong chili flavor, this is the hot sauce you need! Sound good to you? For more ideas on how to eat Sriracha, check out this article


Tabasco sauce gets its name from the tabasco peppers  used to make it. The peppers, mixed with vinegar and salt, definitely makes a HOT sauce, so remember to pay attention when you’re using it! The Tabasco brand has expanded into a few varieties, although their original flavor is still the most popular. If you’re looking for a milder, more garlicky flavor, the jalapeño flavor is exceptional. But, if your sinuses need clearing, the habanero sauce is three times as spicy as the original! Nonetheless, the distinctive flavor makes it an awesome addition to dressings, marinades, and even the occasional spicy bloody Mary

Texas Pete

A personal favorite and a Wake dining hall mainstay, Texas Pete is a clear choice by many. Created and manufactured in the south, it’s the aged peppers and vinegar that gives it a kick. Often used as a sauce for chicken wings and as a base for buffalo dip, its versatility makes it a all-around popular choice. If you’re looking for an actually spicy hot sauce without an overwhelming flavor, you’ve met your match! Try their seasoning (available here) to flavor meats and even french fries; it'd delicious!

#SpoonTip: If your dining hall serves bland, boring hummus, spice it up with some Texas Pete- it mixes super easily and adds just the flavor you need!


A recent discovery of mine, Valentina hot sauce has quickly risen to the top of my list. Made in Jalisco, Mexico, the distinctive flavors have made it extremely popular. The sauce tastes less vinegary than Tabasco and is almost as thick as Sriracha as it is made of the guajillo chili. It comes in two versions- hot and extra hot- so choose accordingly, but beware the extra hot is pretty lethal!  If you want a hot sauce to put on top of tacos, or even some oven roasted veggies, look no further- this is your pick. 

#SpoonTip: They're not as widely available as other sauces, but you can order them here.

Now that you've what kind of hot sauce you need in your life, go ahead and check out this definitive ranking of the spiciest sauces- and try if you dare!