A couple months ago, I downloaded Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide (BBG) with the goal to challenge myself more in the gym. From the moment I started the program, I realized this would not be an easy program. Her workouts are built to challenge, and her transformation photos are proof of this.

Although her workouts have proven to build muscle and tone, diet plays a key role in your BBG experience as well. As I progressed through the BBG workouts, I began wondering more and more what Kayla Itsines diet was actually like. Luckily, the internet is full of useful information, so I was able to research Kayla Itsines' diet fairly easily. 


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Kirby Barth

According to Shape magazine, Kayla usually starts her morning off with toast and poached eggs, tomatoes, avocado, spinach and a cup of berry tea. Very healthy, but also full of protein and super filling. 

Snack #1

As stated on her blog and in the interview with Shape, Kayla curbs her mid-day hunger by eating a piece of fruit or making a strawberries and cream smoothie. If this is what eating healthy looks like, I'm all in!


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Katie Kasperson

For lunch, Kayla doesn't substitute health for taste with a turkey wrap, according to Shape. She makes it even better with homemade Greek garlic sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes. On busier days, she opts for a salad with lean proteins. 

Snack #2

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Christin Urso

With Kayla's busy day of working out, keeping up her Insta feed, and training clients, it's no wonder she needs another snack. For this second snack, she often goes for some veggie slices and yogurt with a couple mint slices, she shares on her blog.  


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Josi Miller

For dinner, Kayla likes to change things up so she doesn't get bored. According to an interview with Elleher dinners always have a lean meat, a vegetable, and a complex carbohydrate. Sometimes she will go for salmon with orange, beetroot, and fennel salad or a Greek soup with chicken rice and lemon. 

Although Kayla Itsines' diet and lifestyle are a pretty good model for a healthy lifestyle, it's also important to listen to your body and live a healthy lifestyle that works for you. When it comes to being healthy, having a well rounded diet and lifestyle is most important.