Based on Chrissy Teigen’s cookbooks, one might think her and husband John Legend’s diets are a constant rotation of garlic pastas, cheesy casseroles, Thai soups, and banana bread. But according to John, fresh produce has its place, too.

Photo courtesy of Naked

While helping promote Drink Good Do Good, a campaign by Naked Juice and Wholesome Wave, a non-profit organization that works to make fresh produce more affordable, John revealed his own relationship with food, including what he eats before a show and his favorite snacks.

He eats the same thing before every show

To become Jesus, John, in fact, did not practice method acting and eat only bread and wine. “I don’t drink before I sing, it makes you drier, it makes your acid worse, it’s not good for you. No alcohol before singing.”

“Before a show, I usually eat the same meal. I eat chicken, roasted chicken, with some vegetables, like steamed broccoli or something like that. That’s my go-to pre-show meal. I’m not superstitious, but it just kind of like puts me in my good place, and makes me feel like I’m ready to go sing.”

He snacks on veggies on the reg

“My favorite vegetable is broccoli hands down. Requires no thought,” John said. “I love vegetables. I really eat a lot of vegetables. It sounds like I’m just saying that because I’m here with Naked, but I really do drink green juice a lot, like it’s kind of a thing. My doctor a few years ago told me I have cholesterol issues in my family and I needed to have more vegetables, because they have antioxidants, they’re good for all that, and eat less bacon. So, I really started to change my life and do more of that, and I made it a really important part of my everyday diet. Just lots more vegetables.”

Creamy peanut butter is a must

In Chrissy’s latest cookbook, “Cravings: Hungry for More”, John weighs in on two recipes that are filled with peanut butter.

“Yes, I love peanut butter,” he admitted. “I love creamy. I prefer creamy. It’s more versatile. Like, I actually prefer the taste of crunchy, but, you can’t put it on everything. Creamy is more spreadable.”

His favorite fruit is the natural kind of candy

“I love grapes. I call them God’s Skittles, they’re like little candy, but natural.”

He has a pump-up song

“I love ‘Got to Give It Up’ [by Marvin Gaye]. That’s like my party starter, my feel good song. It just puts me in a good mood every time.”

If he were to birth a literal food baby, it would be...

“Fried chicken and mac ‘n cheese.”

One thing he always has in his fridge...

“Cherry tomatoes.”

His favorite late night snack is a classic

“Ice cream.”

His partnership with Naked and Wholesome Wave is a natural one

“I love to cook. I love to grocery shop. I love the whole experience of creating a meal for my family and creating it with Chrissy. We do a lot of cooking together. I’m like her sous chef. And, we love fresh vegetables; we love incorporating a lot of that into our food,” he said. “But there are plenty of people in America that don’t have access to the things that we kind of take for granted.”

In fact, there are nearly 30 million people in America that are food insecure, or lack accessibility to fresh, quality produce. And of those millions, nearly two-thirds are college students.

To get involved, post a photo, video, or boomerang of you doing the shopping cart dance to social media with #FillYourCartForGood now through Nov. 4. For every post, Naked will donate the money equivalent to a cart full of produce to those in need. You can check out John and Misty Copeland’s (another famous face of the campaign) shopping cart dance and more on the campaign at