For years, I always felt fatigue and tiredness, but never could find out how to fix it. Doctors would always say, let me put you on more vitamins and medicines. My response was NO! That is not going to help me. This is not the sort of fatigue you feel from catching a cold or when you have a fever. This kind is much different. The fatigue stems from your stomach and your digestive system. Fatigue can occur in many forms and be caused by many things. It is not cookie cutter. In my case, the food that I was eating made me feel sluggish and tired, and honestly the food always initially tasted good in the beginning but once it got to my stomach, I would head for the couch. ZZZZ's. After this happened again and again and again, I knew it was not in my head, it was definitely due to the food I was eating. At that point, I knew I may have a gluten intolerance.


Being gluten-free is not an easy task as many like myself enjoy grandma's favorite pastas and mom's freshly baked cakes, however for me it was a necessity to make the change. The first step was to re-evaluate my eating habits and start from there.


For breakfast, I would usually have either cereal, or 2 eggs with two slices of bread. Now that does not sound so bad, however when you figure the kind of ingredients that are in wheat flour breads, it is not in your best interest. Also my bread would be the least healthiest. Check out the Arnold Palmer Brick Oven Premium White Bread nutrition facts. The ingredients are so foreign to me. Now, I have switched to Schär Gluten Free Artisan Baker Multigrain Bread. I am so happy. Not only is this bread delicious, but I can actually pronounce all the ingredients and know what each are.

Emily Sauchelli

I also incorporate oatmeal as an option as the first ingredient is OATS. I feel energized and full as a result. Filled with chia, flax seeds, maple syrup, and almond milk among things.I also drink almond milk as well. Although I'm not dairy-free, it just has a nicer taste and allows me to have cheese rather than milk on a given day. My favorite is Mooala Organic Original Almond Milk. My go to cereals are Kashi Cinnamon French Toast or Kashi Blueberry Clusters. Both taste great and fill me up.


For lunch, I usually have a sandwich on my bread (sometimes a half a sandwich if I'm at home, or a full when I'm on the run) with either cold-cuts/mayonnaise or peanut butter and jelly. To that I will add a granola bar or some other snack. Here are some of my favorites, ranked. 

1. Larabar (Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip) 

2. Kashi Almond Sea Salt

3. Hippeas (Vegan White Cheddar)

4. Popcorners

5. Smart Food Delight (Sea Salt)

6. Cape Cod Potato Chips 


Dinner is not as tricky as it sounds. Adding a salad as part of the meal is always great. Pair that with some gluten-free pasta and some Chicken Piccata. I say Chicken Picatta because that is one of my favorite recipes for dinner. 

chicken, pork, barbecue, meat
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Green salad photo by Vitchakorn Koonyosying (@mggbox) on Unsplash

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The best way to cook the chicken is to make sure you use flour and eggs instead of breadcrumbs. Oh and of course lemon juice because that's what holds the flavor. Any kind of meat pairs well at dinner, with a side of salad and vegetables too. My go to salad is formed from mixed greens. Clean and simple. 


Overall, having gluten intolerance was intimidating at first, but now I have control over it. There are times that I do cheat (sometimes you just can't help it) but then my body tells me that I made a poor decision. Eating healthy and exercise helps the most and makes me feel the best I have ever felt in a long time. Although there are many out there with gluten intolerance, this is just one account of my experiences. Not everyone has the same conditions; no one diagnosis is the same. With that being said, it is important for your health to come first. Don't delay as your health is the single most important thing in your life. With surrounded support and doctors on hand, it makes for an easier transition on the journey towards better health.