College is a time where students are thrown into courses hopefully preparing them for what’s to come in their future. However, classes aren’t the only things us college students focus on.

College is an exciting and non-stop four years, where you’re surrounded by thousands of similarly aged people. And during this exciting time of our lives, we are constantly thrown into various types of social outings, typically involving alcohol. There are those who like to pretend they’re above drinking, partying, and being irresponsible, but there’s really no escaping the temptation of it all.

This brings into play the idea of the “college family,” consisting of a “college mom” and her children. This family, however, is far from the traditional sense of what a family typically entails. The “college mom” is coined as the responsible (or slightly less irresponsible) friend of the group, who’s in charge of taking care of her drunk and irresponsible counterparts.

Although the “college mom” partakes in the shenanigans, she is still deemed as the one who remains grounded, aware, and mindful, despite the intoxication.

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This role, however, is not one she chooses to fulfill, yet rather something that’s expected of her. She’s the friend of the group that remains constant in her mindset, regardless of whether or not she’s 7 tequila shots deep.

The “mom” must often sacrifice her nights out, in order to tend to her friends. More often than not, her outings are spent looking for her drunk and frolicking friends, feeding them food and water, and mediating drunk arguments that may arise between friends.

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In the moment, she’s happy to help her friends. She loves her peeps endlessly and rather her have to sacrifice some fun, in order to make sure everyone’s okay.

However, beware of the “mom” getting salty AF at times, because it’s inevitable she’ll hit you with a death stare as you go for that 10th shot after she’s cut you off or if you’ve managed to stumble your way into an Uber with that dude you say you “hate.”

I’m not gonna lie, it sucks having to be the “mom” at times. I myself am the “mom” of my friend group and I often find myself worrying about everyone else and prioritizing their time and safety over my own time out. It’s so beyond annoying when I try and have a good time out, but instead find myself catering to a drunk friend. So, yeah I’ve gotten pretty salty after a few nights out, but it always boils over.

Being the “mom” isn’t something I strive to be, but at this point, it’s nearly innate. I care for my friends, I worry for my friends, thus I “mom” my friends. Not because I want to, but because I feel I need to, when in reality I shouldn’t feel I need to tend to anyone but myself.

College is the time where irresponsibility is almost necessary, so in order to really live out college to the fullest, it’s important for the “mom” to go out, let loose, and do whatever the f*ck she wants at times. Yeah, you may be the responsible friend, but really you’re just the slightly less irresponsible friend, being that you’re usually in on the fun, just not as “turnt” as the others. It shouldn’t always be your duty to focus on others.

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Don’t go out there and forget your entire night (or do, up to you), but focus on yourself and your time out, and not on anyone or anything else. Because realistically, you’re probably in your twenties, you’re far too young to truly have to fill the mom role.

You’re young, you’re thriving, you’re supposed to be irresponsible, get out there and go cray. C’mon mom, you deserve it.