Water - it's a v important part of life that we can't escape yet need in order to stay hydrated. There's also another thing related to water that we can't escape, which is known as water weight. Although it seems strange, you might be asking yourself one question: what is water weight?

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What is water weight?

To break it down, water weight is when our bodies hold onto water using this carb known as glycogen. This leads to our bodies carrying a few more pounds than desired. Some people carry less water weight than others, but ultimately, it depends on your eating habits.

Regardless of your current diet, you're always going to have some water weight that you're carrying around. Some people turn to dieting and exercise to help shed their water weight while others opt to take water pills.

As my mom, that's a registered nurse once said, if you're going to partake in intense workouts or in any form of exercise to lose weight, always wear more layers of clothing. Doing so will help increase how much you sweat out, which contributes positively to weight loss.

Why does it make you bloated?

Water weight makes you bloated because it's making you appear and feel as if you gained weight and have more food inside of you than you really do. Usually when you're bloated, you don't feel well enough to go out and exercise, which only makes your bloating much worse. 

Besides wanting to stay home while being bloated, you probably also want to eat whatever you want whenever you want in order to help brighten your mood a little bit. Again, this only makes your bloating worse. The goal here is to get rid of your bloating - not to make it worse. 

While everyone experiences bloating at some point in their lives, do two things and you'll be fine. Go outside and exercise and start eating healthier if you really want to get rid of bloating.