The mystery of the baby carrots began to unravel when I was discussing the taste difference between chopped and baby carrots with a friend. We discussed how the texture and tastes were different, and I thought that was because baby carrots were a different type of carrot. I don't know, maybe they were grown differently. Boy, was I mistaken. As it turns out, baby carrots are actually just like regular carrots, except they look a little different. What's the deal with baby carrots, anyways?

Baby Beginnings

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Caroline Ingalls

If baby carrots are simply just carrots, who decided that they needed to be created and sold in supermarkets? In 1986, a California farmer created the baby carrot to increase his carrot sales. Because Americans would not buy carrots that looked funny or crooked, he shaved them down to a perfect size. Thus the baby carrot was born. 

How They're Made 

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Linzie Gienau

Baby carrots go through a not so rigorous process to become the little nubs that they are. The long, ragged carrots are placed into an industrial cutter, and then they go through a potato peeler to smooth the edges. Because baby carrots go through a little processing, they are soaked in chlorinated solution. This solution, approved by the FDA and EPA, works to remove harmful bacteria, and it should leave no residue behind. 

What Are Your Thoughts?

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Charlotte Hull

Now that we have distinguished the not- so different difference between carrots and baby carrots, I took the question to the streets and asked some friends their thoughts. An overwhelming response came back for a preference towards baby carrots. It is easier to buy, use, and eat. Many people don't like having to peel and cut their carrots themselves. 

Now the mystery is solved: carrots are simply carrots no matter how big or small. Of course, choose whichever you feel, but you know what they say, "a carrot a day keeps the doctor away!"