So, you're tryin' to be healthier, or maybe you're just experimenting in the kitchen—either way, you've decided to switch up your flour regime. But what is spelt flour? Don't freak—we're here to spell it out for you. 

What Is Spelt Flour Made From?

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Hailey Tom

Go to the organics aisle and you'll find an array of flours—the baking kind, not (hopefully) the green kind—spelt flour among them. It's basically a grain, known as spelt, ground up into flour-form. The brand I buy? Bob's Red Mill. See the wisdom in that aged face? I trust Bob. Here's what he has to say.

Elderly Wheat

An ancestor of our modern wheat, Spelt dates back to more than 9,000 years in our planet's history. It was grown and used mostly in central Europe, until its younger cousin—I think you know his name—wheat became more popular, as it was softer and required less effort to prepare.

So, Like, Is It Any Good?

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Hailey Tom

It's relative absence for most of history might lead you to believe spelt flour isn't as #dope as normal flour. But, with a sweet, light, almost nutty flavor, it adds an interesting twist to almost any baked good that might otherwise suffer from a bland taste.

Flexin' Mad Fibers

Because of its high water solubility, spelt flour's nutrients are easily absorbed by the body—and, trust me, you want these nutrients. Sporting a hefty amount of fiber, this little gain is much lighter than other gluten products and it's more easily digested. Add a lower calorie count than most flours, and it really doesn't get much better, loves.

Neat! How Does It Work?

Now that you're not rocking slowly in a dark corner, fearfully wondering, "what is spelt flour?", you're now fearfully wondering how you could wield such a mighty grain. Don't worry friend—you can sub spelt flour for regular flour with a 1:1 ratio.

No math. No more tears. 

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Torey Walsh

Spelt flour works wonderfully when baking bread and pizza crust. Because of the slight hint of nuttiness, the resulting concoction possesses more of a rustic, grainy feel. You'll definitely feel like you're cooking up something ancient and wholesome.

Food for Thought

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Hailey Tom

We've learned a lot today, loves, and I feel we've attained a deeper understanding of the diversity within the culinary world. What is spelt flour? Well, it's a friend, a promise of the most comforting baked good, and a glorious addition to your kitchen.