Remember the days when your mom made you warm milk with cinnamon before bed to help you sleep? Well, turns out that drink has gotten an upgrade – one that's incredibly trendy and "Instagram-able." It's called moon milk, and you're about to be obsessed with it. What is moon milk, exactly? I'm breaking it down for you right here.

What Exactly Is Moon Milk?

Like I stated previously, moon milk is essentially a drink that aids in falling asleep at night. But like everything nowadays, it has gotten a seriously bougie makeover. Think superfoods, dense nutrients, and all that jazz.

Moon milk is comprised of, well, milk, tons of spices, oils, and most importantly, adaptogens. I know what you're thinking – WTF is an adaptogen? An adaptogen is an herbal supplement (so it comes from plants) that is dense in nutrients. They're truly a life saver because adaptogens have bene shown to aid in your body's natural processes of de-stressing, lowering blood sugar, and boosting your immune system

Why Should I Drink Moon Milk?

If you're not sold on moon milk on the trendiness alone, you might find these health benefits more convincing. Moon milk might be a great addition to your nightly routine if you tend to have trouble falling asleep. The adaptogens within the milk help your body de-stress and relax, plus the milk itself contains melatonin and tryptophan, two natural substances that help you fall asleep. 

Drinking moon milk might also boost your immune system, which will help you fight off illnesses that could damage your sleep at night (so no more 2 am coughing fits, *sorry roomie*). You can also customize the benefits further. Depending on which spice you put into your moon milk, you could reap tons of other helpful health benefits.

#SpoonTip: If you're exercising before bed or looking at your blue-light cellphone, you may have other reasons as to why you can't fall asleep. If that's the case, moon milk might not be enough to save your sleep. 

How to Make Moon Milk

One of the more popular ways to make moon milk is buying a pre-made supplement complex and adding your desired milk to it. Popular brands include Moon Juice (which is also known for their sex dust) and Sun Potion, both of which you can buy online.

Better yet, you can try making your own moon juice at home – there are tons of recipes online, so you can try them all out to find out which is your favorite. You'll save a bunch of money, and it's not that hard to make. 

All it really takes is milk, spices like cardamom, cinnamon, or nutmeg, and an adaptogen supplement. Add honey or coconut oil if you prefer, heat it all up, and you've got yourself a delicious nighttime drink.

Some people even make it with turmeric, beets, or cherry juice, all of which have calming properties. You can even add black pepper to it to add a bit of spice.

So are you going to try this trendy new drink? Moon milk might be the cure to your nighttime sleep routine, and it also looks extremely pretty. Go ahead, post it on your Instagram Story (and see who screenshots it).