Let's face it, everyone struggles with their skin, and I mean everyone. Men and women alike. Even the people who seem to have porcelain-like skin need to take care of their face. Those of us who are not as #blessed as others have tried following every skincare guide, buying endless amounts of 'recommended' products, and may have even dabbled in a 10 step Korean skincare guide. However, the one little thing you may be missing from your routine is simply some hyaluronic acid. The word acid may steer people away from using this tiny but mighty product, but trust me, it may be the solution to save your skin.

What Exactly is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is actually a naturally occurring substance in our body. It acts as a magnet for moisture and helps our body retain water and hydrate us from the inside out. Although our bodies hydrate themselves through the production of HA, bacteria, and pollutants in the air around us can lower these hydration levels. 

What It Can Do For Your Skin

If you happen to have overly oily skin all year round and you're skipping out on hyaluronic acid, then that might be the problem. If you're denying your skin of moisture and think an HA serum or oil will make you oiler, then you have it all wrong. The sebaceous glands in your face are probably overproducing oil to make up for the lack of moisture. Apart from potentially reducing oil production, HA also works deep within the dermis to plump up fine lines and smooth out wrinkles. Working from the inside out will give your skin the dewy, smooth appearance we all long for.

Although hyaluronic acid can seem intimidating for some of us because of the negative connotation acid has, don't let it stop you from investing in this essential product. Your skin will be hydrated from deep within and your appearance will reflect it. HA products are available in all different price range so everyone can invest in what they are able to. Brands like The Ordinary, Paula's Choice, and even Amazon carry affordable options without having to sacrifice the quality of it.