Golden milk has undeniably infiltrated coffee shops and restaurants everywhere, and it's no mystery why. I mean, the name itself is mouthwatering. The royal name makes it something fit for a king or queen. But what is golden milk? Otherwise known as a turmeric latte, this drink has a rich taste, a spicy undertone, and a beautiful yellow hue from the addition of turmeric in the drink. With drink hypes such as juicing and Unicorn Frapps, it's hard to know which are legit. The answer to whether you should try it or not lies within the facts.

What Is Turmeric?

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Sarina Raman

The main ingredient that makes Golden Milk so unique is the addition of the turmeric root. Originally a part of the Vedic culture in India, the root that's also known as "Indian saffron" dates back 4,000 years. In other words, turmeric's awesomeness has been recognized for a long time. 

Today, the turmeric root is used for a variety of nutritional, cosmetic, and culinary purposes in many different cultures, including South Asian culture, Middle Eastern culture, and even cosmopolitan culture. Plus, it's the main ingredient in curry, which is what gives curry its vibrant color.

What's so Great About Golden Milk?

One of the most popular ways turmeric has gained popularity is in Golden Milk. A basic recipe for Golden Milk usually includes turmeric, any type of milk, and lots of other spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Many restaurants top the turmeric latte with black pepper to increase the bioavailability of the turmeric. 

Not only is the rich turmeric latte caffeine-free, but it also has a multitude of health and nutritional powers. To start, the root has many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits when eaten. Among other nutritional advantages, turmeric also helps ease liver, stomach, skin, and gallbladder conditions. It also is magical to incorporate in your diet when you have a cold because of the chemical compound curcumin that gives turmeric healing properties. 

What Does Golden Milk Taste Like?

Naturally, I had to try Golden Milk. I was sold at the name, and once I researched the benefits of drinking the spicy latte I needed to find out if turmeric milk was worth the hype. To put it simply, it definitely is. The sweet yet pungent spice in the drink leaves you feeling energized and excited from the first sip. Golden Milk leaves you feeling fresh and bloat-free. My only warning is that the turmeric will stain anything and everything it touches. When you go out to your local coffee shop to try the yummy drink and maybe take some Instagram pictures, do not wear your favorite white shirt.

From a combination of its amazing nutritional powers, the sweet and spicy taste, and the liquid sunshine appearance, Golden Milk is definitely worth a try. For me, tracking down the drink was a bit of a challenge, but finding it or even using one of the various recipes online is worth it. Now that you're educated on what Golden Milk is, nothing's holding you back from trying this trendy drink.