The "lobstah" roll is a summertime staple in New England. There is nothing quite like enjoying your first lobster roll of the summer while overlooking the beautiful ocean scenery of any coastal New England town. Many associate the lobster roll with the state of Maine, but lobster rolls have been an East Coast favorite since as early as 1929. No summer is complete without a lobster roll from all of your favorite restaurants before the season ends. What is a lobster roll, you might ask? This is everything you need to know about the New England favorite. 

What is a Lobster Roll?

A lobster roll is similar to a chicken or tuna salad sandwich. Although different restaurants and different parts of the US make various kinds of lobster rolls, the general idea for the sandwich remains the same. Typically, the lobster salad that makes up the sandwich is served in a roll (like a hot dog bun) with a side of coleslaw and/or fries. The actual lobster salad portion is usually made with the meat from the claw and tail of the lobster, and a standard portion is around 4 oz. 

Eating your lobster roll can be a bit challenging, so be prepared to get messy! If you have a good lobster roll, it will be stuffed to the brim, almost overflowing with lobster. You can tackle this sandwich any way you see fit, but typically it's eaten like you would eat a hot dog.

#SpoonTip: Sometimes it makes it easier to use a fork and eat a bit of the lobster before digging in, so that it doesn't fall out everywhere.

Lobster Roll Origins

The lobster roll has origins from two New England areas. It's said that the first lobster roll is thanks to a restaurant in Milford, Connecticut called Perry's in 1929. From there,  it spread all throughout Connecticut and later New England. Lobster rolls are also accredited to Maine, because Maine is known for its lobster fishing.

Maine vs Connecticut Lobster Rolls

Surprisingly, there are two different kinds of lobster rolls that you can find. The first is the Connecticut-style lobster roll. This type of lobster roll is served with hot lobster meat (typically buttered or served with a side of butter) in a toasted, buttered roll. With this style lobster roll, the lobster is the true star of the dish. Those who prefer the Connecticut style believe there's no need to add anything other than butter to their delicious lobster meat. 

The second variation is the Maine-style lobster roll. This style is referred to by Connecticut-style lovers as the "lobster salad roll." A typical Maine-style roll is served with cold lobster meat that has been mixed with mayonnaise and tarragon, as well as chives or celery before being added to the roll. Because Maine is so heavily associated with lobsters and lobster rolls, this is the most common lobster roll you will find at restaurants throughout New England. 

DIY Lobster Rolls 

You can easily make a Connecticut lobster roll or Maine lobster roll from the comfort of your own kitchen. If you want to spice things up a bit, there are also many recipes for variations on this famous dish. To name a few, there are: lobster wraps, lobster roll BLTs, curry lobster rolls, lobster grilled cheese, and many more! 

The next time you find yourself enjoying the picturesque water view in your favorite New England beachside town, grab a lobster roll and a side of hot fries. There's no better way to enjoy the summer than with the perfect lobster roll and a beautiful view.