The best place to go to after drunken partying and sweating like you've just been rained on is, of course, the newly opened Insomnia Cookies right by Campus North at UChicago. You momentarily forget the insane amount of calories you've already drunk and indulge in a warm cookie that will make you a happy little kid again. But have you ever thought about what cookie embodies you? Scroll down to read what cookie you are!

Chocolate Chunk

You are the classic cookie -- classic in UChicago terms, meaning an extremely talented person with exceptional social skills. Although you are near perfect, you're well-liked because you aren't vain and are friendly to everyone. Whether you're having a study break or grabbing a quick meal, you're the go-to friend for everyone.

Double Chocolate Chunk

You're all about going the extra mile! Being on top of everything (AKA your classes and your RSOs) while going even wilder on your weekends are two of your countless list of traits. You've got the best of both worlds, and everyone wants to be just like you: a ball of fun with a respectable amount of control.

Double Chocolate Mint

You're a fresh change and like being a little bold. Although not completely spontaneous, you don't mind putting yourself out of your comfort zone to explore new things that you might end up liking! The inner weirdness in you is hilarious and a charming point that makes people love you.


Aesthetic is so important that your cookie needs to be colorful to be worthy enough for you to eat. You love coordinating your outfits and taking perfect pictures of landscapes, portraits, etc. Just as much as you care about the beauty of things, your personality is beautiful.

Oatmeal Raisin

You appreciate the things that are underestimated. So, while others are about going fast or following the majority, you go at your own pace, and you don't care about what others think. You are really independent, like to follow what you truly care about, and don't mind spending time alone.

Peanut Butter Cup

You like making your life an adventure. Staying inside isn't an option, even when the weather outside is ten degrees and snowing. Making the most out of every moment in your life, you like to live in the present and don't want to worry about any past regrets or future worries. You're optimistic and a fun person to be around.


You're the parent of your group of pals: always responsible and the one to go to when someone else is a hot mess. Also, you're good at being honest and not wasting your time sugarcoating your words just to please someone. If something is wrong, you will say it without any second thoughts.


You're a great listener and pretty open-minded. When people need to rely on someone, you're always there for them. Introverted and thoughtful, you're the one that people need to have a relaxing time with and take a break from the chaos of studying and partying.

White Chocolate Macadamia

You love minimalism and modernism; anything related to the city, you will love. You're chic and charismatic, but you're a surprise under that sleek self. Disguised as a normal chocolate chip cookie, you hold characteristics that you're only willing to show to those who reach out to you.