Since butter was deemed as the devil by everyone but Paula Deen, people have been trying to dream up an new product that serves the same purpose as butter but doesn't carry all the negative connotations.

Some classic butter substitutes include margarines, olive oils and Earth Balance makes some healthy butter-like spreads. But  how could you pass up an opportunity to eat something that's supposed to taste so much like butter that you can't believe that it is not in fact, butter.

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Caty Schnack

So come along I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, and everyone gets pumped that no matter what it is, at least it's not butter. Whether people are scared to find out or genuinely don't care, very few people actually check what's in their butter substitute. But haven't you ever wondered what's in CBINB?

Well the good news is you can believe it, CBINB is definitely not butter, and the brand isn't hiding anything. Their site tells you every ingredient in each of their spreads so nobody can argue.

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Lauren Thiersch

The website is very open about there ingredients. A 15 oz. container of their original spread contains purified water, soybean oil, palm kernel, and palm oil, salt, lecithin (soy), natural flavours, vinegar, vitamin A Palmitate, and Beta Carotine for colour. 

That doesn't actually sound so bad compared to some other alternatives. I'm always hesitant to try butter substitutes because there are either too many ingredients that I don't know, or there are too few ingredients and I don't understand how they actually form a spreadable substance.

Because I understand over half of the ingredients in CBINB, I would try it, and honestly, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. CBINB might not be the most organic or healthiest substitute but it has more readable ingredients than other margarine products. I would try it.