There are two things everyone may admit are their guilty pleasures: pancakes and horoscopes. If you frequent the International House of Pancakes, this Zodiac IHOP Pancake list is perfect for your next adventurous order!


Aries are courageous and adventurous. You’re always looking to try new and outrageous things. This makes the Mexican Tres Leches Pancakes perfect for you. This specialty takes the best of both worlds: the delicious desserts of Mexico and the pancake classic. It’s new and it’s bold—just like you, Aries.


Taurus are steadfast, loyal, and admittedly, a little stubborn, so the Vanilla Spice Pancakes are the perfect IHOP pancake choice for you. This recipe takes the tried and true enjoyment of pancakes and adds a subtle, sweet twist. This pancake is famous for being a crowd-pleaser, so you know it’s a dependable option.


With an indecisive yet adaptable personality, you have the perfect edge to reach out and try a bold flavor. Pancakes with a fruit topping are perfect for a Gemini’s sweet tooth—but how can you pick just one? That’s why Strawberry Banana Pancakes are perfect for you. No need to fret, you can get the best of both worlds!


Cancers are caring and creative. You need something fresh, but still nostalgic and warm. This makes the Double Blueberry Pancakes the choice for you! Blueberry pancakes are a classic to appeal to your home-body nature, but also creative, for these are no simple blueberry pancakes. With more blueberries than ever, these pancakes pack the perfect punch to appeal to your ambitious side.


Leo, you are the most sensitive sign, in touch with your emotions. When you’re happy, you’re over the moon. To celebrate your feelings, the Cupcake Pancakes are the perfect way to rejoice. When you’re on the up and up what spreads joy more than cupcakes? Take the time to celebrate yourself this morning with the perfect mixture of dessert and breakfast.


Virgos are complex. You want to give and receive love. What better way to represent this than a stack of the seasonal Red Velvet Pancakes? Dripping with cream cheese glaze, these pancakes are just as profound and sweet as you, Virgo!


You strive for equilibrium in all facets of life. You are charming and try to avoid conflict, so a Rooty Tooty Fresh N’ Fruity gives plenty of options for your balanced life. With multiple choices of fruit toppings, Libra can decide what you need in the moment and find with the sweetness of fruit and the wholesome taste of pancake.


Scorpios are passionate and original. You’re not afraid to be bold or to be yourself. The strong flavors of the Belgian Dark Chocolate Mousse Pancakes feed your passion for a sweet breakfast. Adding so much dessert flavor to breakfast may sound wild to some, but not you, Scorpio. You are ready to blaze your own trail and try one of IHOP’s new menu additions.


You are brave and full of confidence. You hold an aura of sophistication, just like the New York Cheesecake Pancakes. With the adventurous yet certainly pleasing flavors of cheesecake, this pancake combo has all the charm and conviction that you do.


Capricorns are known for being realistic and practical. You know a good breakfast needs to provide fuel, nourish you, and taste good. A perfect pancake stack match for your driven sign is Harvest Grain ‘N Nut. This delicious breakfast will satisfy your taste buds, and you can rest easy knowing you now have the energy to face the day.


You are unpredictable and inventive, Aquarius. You are always coming up with new and creative ideas, making the Oreo Oh My Goodness pancakes a must-try for any Aquarius. They’re IHOP’s newest idea hot off the press, and they’re just as wild and bold as you! America’s favorite cookie in breakfast form? Yes, please!


Pisces are kind and compassionate. You know what needs to be done, and you stick to it. As one of the most dependable signs, the Original Full Stack Buttermilk pancakes are the choice for you. They’re a classic crowd-pleaser and a tried and true breakfast. 

Enjoyed reading about your Zodiac and new foods? Check out this article to find out what you should make for dinner tonight after all those pancakes! If you find another IHOP Pancake that's perfect for your Zodiac sign, be sure to share it with us on Instagram @spoon_bulldogs.