I grew up spending every. single. weekend. at the beach in Avalon, NJ.  I can’t speak from much experience at other beaches, but at the Jersey Shore, the ice cream truck coming is a pretty big deal.  Each weekend when my older sister, younger brother, and our whole gang of beach pals on 76th street heard the blessed ice cream bell ring and our FAVORITE ice cream woman calling “ICE CREAM, WATER ICEEEEEE” *ding ding ding* We would shriek (loudly) with joy and sprint from wherever we were to our parents, all while bumping into each other and running frantically, to get a dollar or two for a treat. We then would all dash through the hot sand as if it was actual lava (half because we were trying not to burn out feet off, half to try and keep up with our friends) all while chanting “ICE CREEEAAAAAM” and screaming to each other to run faster before she leaves.  AH THE MEMORIES.  RIP to our howies dugout visits weekend after weekend, summer after summer, as our summer crew all moved to different houses around the 7 mile island. I will never forget u!


Now, I’m sure this little anecdote brought back a flood of memories to you of you and your childhood summer days. What’s inner ice cream treat?  Take this quiz and see!

  1. Where do you spend the summer?

  2. Sunscreen SPF

  3. You need to cool off, you:

  4. To protect yourself from the sun you:

  5. Best summer breakfast: