If you're ever wondering what someone else is cooking.... me too, cause honestly, I'm the worst chef known to mankind due to my underlying fear of burning my kitchen up, thus scaring my cat. But, then again, are you wondering what Instagram influencer and chef, Gaby Dalkin is cooking? If the answer is no (don't understand why, but ok), you'll certainly change your mind and answer yes by the end of this article. 

Who's Gaby Dalkin?

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If you're wondering who Gaby Dalkin is, she's the mastermind behind What's Gaby Cooking. Not only is Gaby a chef, but she's a two time cookbook author, a food influence, and a partner with Capital One

What does Gaby have to say for herself?

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To start, Gaby Dalkin has been a partner with Capital One since 2017. Between 2018 and 2019, the partnership grew, and mostly pertains to Capital One's Savor Card. For Gaby, the Savor Card makes the most sense to possess because of the fact that she gets rewarded for dining out and cooking too, which what she’s all about; needless to say, it aligns with her overall brand very well; sort of like a compliment. Gaby can also be found posting about her recipes, looking for new restaurants and creating guides, so the partnership is a perfect fit. Gaby works with select brands like Capital One who she knows will resonate well with her readers.

In terms of her cooking and being a chef and whatnot, Gaby started cooking after college when she decided to go to culinary school. After being a private chef for a while, she turned her focus to her blog to grow her brand. Gaby's favorite cuisines are usually Italian and Mexican (I'm with her on that), and says that there’s such a wide selection of places to grab food in LA so she’s excited to have a card that rewards her for dining out.

What else is there to know?

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When it comes to Gaby and writing, her third cookbook is scheduled to be released sometime during Spring 2020. She just finished shooting the cover last week and they’re working through final edits and will soon hit the road for a 25 city book tour where she’ll be using her Savor card while she dines out on a daily basis. She’s excited to meet all of the people who make her recipes. The book is inspired by a variety of cultures and countries, both from her past travels and future ones while sticking with her California roots as well. Gaby compliments all her cookbook recipes with Instagram and Facebook live on Mondays so her readers can follow along and recreate the recipes. The videos show what it’s really like to make the food, including all the smoke alarms and real life cooking experiences.

When I asked Gaby about events since I'm an event junkie, Gaby puts on events fairly frequently and host events on behalf of brands. Occasionally she partners with other influencers to co-host cocktail hours, brunches, etc. She also started hosting exclusive What’s Gaby Cooking dinners – her first two events in Rhode Island and Napa sold out immediately. Then when I asked about wine pairings and her recipes (naturally, wino over here), Gaby mentioned that her husband Thomas is very into the wine scene so they’re starting to pair wines with recipes on the blog and whenever they go out to eat they’re always looking to try new wines. If Gaby ever opened her own restaurant, which is another question that was asked, she mentioned that it would be a brunch or lunch place if she did – never dinner because she wants to be in bed by 10PM, which is relatable. She would do a breakfast and lunch café that has a rotating menu.

Now that you know what Gaby Dalkin is up to and what she's all about, maybe you'll go give her a follow on Insta @whatsgabycookin. Hopefully you'll stay for the food posts and follow her as her partnership with Capital One grows, since her and Capital One are in for it for life.