If you’re on any kind of social media, you’ve heard about the trendy diets that are going through the country right now. You’ve heard of the wraps, the diet pills, and of course all the fit teas that are advertised by the super fit people of Instagram and Facebook.

I’ve even been one of the individuals who tried the fit teas myself, and unfortunately I didn’t notice any sort of difference in my body after 14 days. I didn’t really believe in any of these diets, until I came across Whole30.


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I’ve never really looked into diets, but since I’m a nutrition major, I tend to do some lurking into the “fad diets.” My parents happened to stumble across Whole30 through my aunt. She started talking about how great the program is and how she had a lifestyle change after it.

My parents were convinced, but I was extremely cautious. I had three issues: I didn’t know what this really was, I didn’t want my parents to do another diet if they didn’t feel some sort of success from it, and I didn’t want them to cut some things from their diet and miss out on nutritional benefits (see, even I learn something in my classes).

After reading the book that was written by the creators of this cleanse, I was actually convinced that this could be something great for weight loss. The guidelines are pretty simple, and you can find out more about them right here before you read on.


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Now that you have an understanding of what Whole30 composes of, I want to talk about my experience. Whole30 changed the way I looked at making food at home. I love cooking, but I don’t always like the clean up and all the work you have to put into it.

Whole30 taught me how much food you can make from simple ingredients, and that’s probably one of the reasons why I love this cleanse so much. If you’re not great in the kitchen, they have plenty of simple and easy recipes that you should check out, especially the homemade ranch dressing.

Whole30 is something that doesn’t need to be constantly continued. It’s something that can help you find new foods that you like and can be able to eat foods that won’t make you bloat. The best thing about this cleanse is that it’s non-restrictive, so you don’t have to worry about what foods to avoid and you never go hungry.