Don’t be scared that you don’t know what to be for Halloween this year. Figuring out your costume is as easy as picking your favorite candy and will def get you in the mood to go trick-or-treating.

Hershey's Bar

chocolate, candy, sweet
Steph Auble

If this classic Halloween candy is your favorite, then your Halloween costume should be just as traditional. Try a timeless costume that everyone loves like a spooky ghost or a cute pumpkin.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

chocolate, sweet, candy, cookie, peanut butter, butter, cake, pastry
Steph Auble

The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is probably the best candy combo out there. If this is your favorite, then you and your BFF should team up to be a Halloween duo.

Couples costumes are for friends too so save the day as Batman and Robin or goof off like SpongeBob and Patrick, the options are endless. And since you love Reese's, try making a Reese's peanut butter cup banana milkshake.


candy, gelatin, jelly beans, sweet, sweetmeat
Steph Auble

Just like your favorite candy, this Halloween you should be going bold and basically heading out without a wrapper. Your costume should def make heads turn at the Halloween party as you walk in.

Whether you’re swinging a bat like Beyoncé from her Lemonade video or dressing up as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, you should be the center of attention this Halloween.

Candy Corn

candy, corn
Steph Auble

If you like candy corn, then you for sure love corny puns. Your costume this year should be a witty pun costume. So get ready for the groans and the confused looks because not everyone will get the joke—but at least you will.

#SpoonTip: Make blondies with your left over candy corn.

Sour Patch Kids

candy, sweet, gelatin, jelly
Steph Auble

Because your not scared of this lip puckering candy, you should be something scary. Be a zombie and leave trick-or-treaters with a sour taste in their mouths.

Gummy Bears

candy, sweet, gelatin, jelly, sweetmeat
Steph Auble

This cute, fun candy means you should be an adorable animal this Halloween. Grab some bunny ears and hop from house to house because you’ll never be too old for trick-or-treating.

Now that you know your costume, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get some free candy!