#SpoonTip: There may be some spoiler alerts here. Also, Spoon U doesn't promote binge drinking or underage drinking, so please sip responsibly.  

Get pumped — "Game of ThronesSeason 7 is dropping today. Hopefully, this season will answer many of our most burning questions: Will we see a Danerys and Cersei showdown? Will there finally be a Stark reunion seven seasons in the making? Or, if you're anything like me, what does Jon Snow order at the bar after a long day of fighting White Walkers? 

As all fans of "Game of Thrones" know, there is a lot of drinking throughout the Seven Kingdoms. And similar to your freshman year, they're drinking in their rooms. However, if they were to venture out and make it to your local college watering hole, here's what each of our favorite characters would be ordering on a Friday night. 

Cersei Lannister: Red Wine 

We all know the Queen loves herself a nice drink every now and then. I'm sure she could slap the bag better than any of us can. Especially now that she's ruling over the Seven Kingdoms, she'll be craving a buzz at the end of the day. 

Jon Snow: The Great White Stone

Now we all know Jon Snow is, to say the least, a special character on "Game of Thrones." I mean, who else is able to come back from the dead? Hunting and fighting those White Walkers has to make Jon Snow want to find that one miraculous Keystone Light — The Great White Stone, perhaps. For those of you living under a rock, The Great White Stone is found in some cases of Keystone Light beer. 

Sansa Stark: Rosé 

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Connor Howe

I mean, come on, are we surprised Sansa would never dare drink something bolder than the classic basic b*tch drink? We all love our classic rosé, and if you're married to a Ramsay Bolton, you're gonna need a little buzz from time to time. 

Arya Stark: Draft Beer

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Michelle Miller

Now, Arya loves being around the boys, but not to flirt — to fight. She has always been able to take care of herself and doesn't like being pushed around. After a day of training in the House of Black and White, she orders a nice draft beer at a local bar in Bravos. 

Lady Olenna: Gin On The Rocks

As the leader of House Tyrell, she has a lot on her plate. Perhaps this drink is what she's referring to as the only happiness she can find in her miserable life. Not many people can stomach the taste or even the smell of a glass of gin, but Lady Olenna can down it like winter is coming in the next five minutes.

Danerys Targaryen: Fireball

Having the blood of the dragon run through your veins means a lot of things, and one is that the spice of Fireball is nothing to her taste buds. As the mother of dragons, Danerys likes to chill out and have her me time, and who doesn't love me time with a little booze? Only Danery's is probably the rare breed who thinks Fireball is a chill drink. 

Brine of Tarth: Straight Vodka Shot

Now, if there is a bad ass b*tch in Westeros, it's Brienne. She certainly gives every knight and guard a run for his money with her fighting skills. So, her choice of drink naturally is one that requires some mad skills. Who can pound straight vodka shots without a chaser? The answer is Brienne. 

Jaime Lannister: White Wine 

Just like every Lannister has their golden hair, Jaime has his golden colored glass of wine. As the eldest son of his family, he tries to remain level-headed and mature (aside from the whole hooking up with his sister thing). He's similar to ordering white wine at your favorite college bar, you think it's a somewhat mature and classy choice... but then you realize it's just shitty moscato.

Tyrion Lannister: Rum

Tyrion is correct — it's not easy being trashed all the time, but that doesn't stop him, (or some of us, you know who you are) from throwing them back. After being the hand of the queen to Danerys, he loves to kick back with a little rum on the rocks. After all, being in Mereen means the ships bring in the finest rum in all the realms. 

Now, hold your glasses high and pour one out for Hodor. Season 7 is quickly approaching, but until then, you can drink like your favorite characters are celebrating the Festival of the Mother.