If you haven’t already heard, the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, is organizing a two-hour reunion special to honor director James Burrows – a sitcom veteran who recently celebrated his 1,000th episode. The special is set to air on February 21st and will reunite stars from his other sitcoms such as Taxi, Will and Grace, and The Big Bang Theory. It is uncertain what the special specifically entails, but it is confirmed that all six friends will be returning for the special.

If you’re like myself, an avid fan who has been dreaming for anything similar to a F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion to occur for what seems like decades, its hard to imagine the six stars reunited in a context other than the 90s. However, with the last episode airing in 2004 (wow, has it really been that long), it only seems right to imagine our favorite characters in a more modern setting.

Phoebe would be a vegan

Photo by Bernard Wen

Sure, 15 years ago, Phoebe was a vegetarian, but now that there are so many vegan options in New York City, she decided to take it to the next level. And hey, maybe she has the right idea.

Rachel would combine a slutty brownies recipe with a recipe for guac

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

One of my favorite moments on the show is when Rachel is put in charge of making an English trifle and doesn’t realize the pages are stuck together so she makes a recipe for English trifle with half a shepherd’s pie recipe (you can make yours like this).

Knowing Rachel, in 2016, she’d probably do it again. However, this time she’d try to make a more trendy dessert, such as slutty brownies, but nonetheless she would mistakenly put guac instead of cookie dough and the whole recipe would go awry.

Monica would open a food truck

Photo by Morris Truck

After many years working as a chef in restaurants across the city, Monica would grow tired of that and want to venture into a newer food trend. Though it wouldn’t be easy, Monica has the passion and determination to create a successful and popular food truck in NYC.

Chandler would start a “punny” food Instagram account

Photo by Becky Hughes

Being the true comedian that he is, Chandler would find the perfect outlet for his humor: Instagram. With punny captions such as “you stole a pizza my heart,” Chandler surely has what it takes to have a foodstagram with thousands, even millions, of followers. But if he needed any help getting followers, he’d just need to follow these tips.

Someone would end up eating Ross’s sandwich (again)


Photo courtesy of Joe.ie

Back in the 90s, Ross went ballistic when someone ate his Thanksgiving-leftover sandwich. But with time, Ross has become more sophisticated when it comes to his choice in sandwich. I mean, it was a bit ridiculous how devastated he was over a lame turkey sandwich (if he had made his leftovers sandwich like this, he wouldn’t have been able to resist eating it right away).

This time around, Ross had the most delicious sandwich: piled high with everything you can imagine, melty cheese and all. Ross had the intention of posting it to insta (with the intention of Chandler coming up with a caption, of course) but now he can’t. That’s definitely something to be angry about.

Joey would be a celebrity judge on a cooking show

Photo by foodnetwork.com

Joey, famous for his role as Doctor Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives, utilizes his fame to do what he does best – eat. Joey would thrive in this position, I mean when you think of Joey, you think of two things: food and television. I know I’d watch that show, but I would how it would rank among the rest of the cooking shows.