Sure, breakfast isn't always the most convenient meal. Sometimes even an aspiring nutritionist skips out on it to catch a few extra minutes of sleep before that 9 am lecture. Although I occasionally slip up, as a future dietitian I recognize the importance of starting the day off right by having a healthy meal. Here are a few of my favorite balanced breakfasts to push you through your day.


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Sure, it's not the most indulgent breakfast, but most packets take only about a minute to cook in the microwave, which makes this a great food option when you're running late. Oatmeal also has incredible health benefits, such as its power to lower your cholesterol or weight.

I'd recommend opting for plain oatmeal and then adding fresh fruits, nuts, or honey on top to give it some extra flavor without tons of added sugar.


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Granola's a great breakfast option, but beware of the added sugars. I usually opt for KIND brand granola and pour it on top of a small container of plain, nonfat Greek yogurt to get a healthy dose of protein. Try to choose a granola with less than 10 grams of sugar per serving to start your day off right.


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Most cereals have tons of sugar and calories, but that's not true of them all. My personal favorite is unfrosted shredded wheat. It may taste bland on its own, but adding it to yogurt with some fruit makes a delicious and easy breakfast parfait.

Another great option is Special K cereal. The Red Berries flavor has only 110 calories per cup, and when eaten with milk it provides a balanced meal to fuel your morning. 

Breakfast Bars

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While granola bars aren't usually all that healthy, as a college student I sometimes am running out the door with no time to even pour a bowl of cereal. When these rushed mornings happen, I grab a KIND breakfast bar, which I buy from CVS. These bars come in five different flavors, and are around 220 calories per package. Depending on the flavor, these bars contain between 8 and 11 grams of sugar per serving, but are made from whole grains and more natural ingredients. While this isn't the best breakfast option, it certainly is a healthier alternative to the popular Belvita bars, or to completely skipping breakfast.