The Queen's Gambit

The Gibson Martini

The Gibson Martin is a star of this hit Netflix Original show. It is the favorite cocktail of Beth. It is a version of gin martini but instead of an olive has an onion. Beth's adopted mother claimed she found the flavor "more refined."

The Crown

Tea Sandwiches

The Queen takes tea every afternoon. She also prefers tea sandwiches - specifically cucumber and salmon finger sandwiches - opposed to cakes. 

Stranger Things


Waffles are an obvious choice - yes. Eleven's favorite food throughout the series is Eggo brand waffles; however, trying to make homemade waffles and topping them with various ingredients may prove to be more fun. 


Roast Chicken

When Love and Joe first began dating, she was set on creating the "Perfect Bite" for him. She does this by making a spatchocked roast chicken. He views what she prepares for him as the "Perfect Bite" not only because it contains delicious flavors he enjoys but she made it for him alone. 


Poached Plum Scones

Consistently throughout the series, you witness all the characters participate in tea with scones, jam, and clotted cream. However, to make the scones more regal - why not add a poached plum?

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