Food Network chefs are some of the greatest celebrities in our generation's food culture. Despite their fame and incredible culinary success, these chefs are surprisingly similar to you and me. They too turn to quick eats for a snack or midnight bite —albeit sometimes jazzed up with a gourmet twist. Based on your tastes for these familiar foods, we’ll tell you which TV chef shares your snack preferences.

Pizza: Geoffrey Zakarian

That's right, Food Network's Fancypants GZ also enjoys a good slice of pizza. He loves the good stuff from New York, but if this ultimate pizza destination isn't within your reach, some takeout or frozen pie might still let you channel your inner GZ.

Fruit: Marc Summers

apple, peach, vegetable
Cherie Mak

Marc Summers took us behind the scenes of our favorite junk foods and snacks on Unwrapped, but this TV foodie turns to healthy choices for late-night snacking. Munch on some tropical fruit to adopt his Summery style.

Booze + Chocolate: Aarón Sánchez

It's hard not to love this classic combination of endorphin-inducing treats. Mexican food mogul Sánchez reaches for wine with his chocolate. Snack? Dessert? We think it's great any time of day.

Lunchables Stackers: Jeff Mauro

dairy product
Denise Chow

Television's "Sandwich King" expresses his love for sandwiches even in snack form. When you're hungry for some interactive, mini-sandwich fun, these ham, cheese, and cracker stacks are perfect. Mauro upgrades this combo with Pringles, slices of Mortadella, and American cheese.

Peanut Butter: Scott Conant

For all you who eat peanut butter straight out of the jar, rejoice — this Italian cuisine star and Chopped judge admits to this informal snack as well. Conant loves reduced-fat, extra-chunky peanut butter, but go for your favorite nut butter — just don't think about adding raw red onions

Cake: Alex Guarnaschelli

If one slice of cake for dessert just isn't enough, you might jive with Alex Guarnaschelli. This renowned chef and Chopped judge has a spunky personality that's reflected in her snack choices. She's a fan of deep-fried bacon and hotdogs, spicy fish tacos, and (a whole) layered cake. 

Morning, day, or night — we say anytime is snack time. If you too have dreamt of being a celebrity chef, maybe your snack preferences are the first step.