Some people may say the windows are the eyes to the soul, but what about the pints in our freezer? As an ice-cream fanatic, I believe your favorite ice cream (mine is Stracciatella) can say a lot about you. So, if you're in the mood to discover your next favorite food blog or foodie-filled Instagram, find your match below.     


Ah, vanilla: the true classic of all ice creams. It’s simple, uncomplicated and always just right. If this one’s your favorite, you’re definitely a traditionalist. You love homey recipes that are easy to make and please everyone. For you, I definitely recommend The Pioneer Woman. Known for her comfort recipes, from Pecan Pie Bites to Cap'n Crunch Chicken Strips, Ree Drummond is your resource for delicious, homemade dishes perfect for those who want to be in touch with their inner Cowboy.

Cookie Dough

You want it all, and the fixins’ too! If you’re about the cookie dough life, you are definitely an easy-going person who loves to be around people. You are drawn to bold colors and over-the-top recipes, especially desserts. For you, I recommend Sally’s Baking Addiction. Famous for her adorable pictures and sweet treats (like her Nutella brownies), Sally's blog is filled with recipes for any occasion. 

Rocky Road

If you love Rocky Road, you are all about the adventure. You love to explore and try new things, and always aim to step outside the box. As a creative type, you enjoy variety and innovation. If this one’s your favorite scoop, check out Smitten Kitchen. Smitten Kitchen has an endless set of recipes to choose from. If you're an experienced cook who feels like they've really made it all, let Deb challenge you. Smitten Kitchen tends to have more savory dishes, but the mixed berry pavlova is a definite one for the books.


Strawberry is fresh, light and sweet. It’s the perfect pick-up on a warm summer day (or any day really). You’re still rather traditional, but you’re all about the twist on the classic. If this fruity flavor is your top choice, you will love Joy the Baker. One of my favorite people to follow, Joy is an absolute delight. Not only are her recipes staples in my kitchen, such as her brown butter chocolate chip cookies (yes, really) and spicy tortilla soup, but her voice and stories are so relatable and, honestly, fun to read.

Next time you want to add to your favorite food blog reading list, pick up a spoon, your favorite scoop, and start exploring.