I spend a lot of time on Youtube watching music videos, Tasty videos, and crash courses. One day, I came across a video titled 

Cultivating Japan’s Rare White Strawberry. Upon seeing the title, I knew I had to watch it. I really love strawberries and seeing a white strawberry made me want to learn more about this variety. Japan is known for having many unique types of fruits: santonishiki cherries, dekopon (a type of orange) ume, and even square watermelons. While these fruits are unique, the one fruit that gets everyone talking is the infamous white strawberry. However, one question still remains: what exactly is a white strawberry?

What is a White Strawberry?

White strawberries are strawberries with a white color, red seeds, and pink patches. One of the most popular types of white strawberries is the White Jewel Strawberry, the first to come out on the market.

The difference between white strawberries and regular strawberries, besides their color, is that white strawberries are bred to be bigger, softer, and sweeter than their conventional counterparts. These strawberries, however, are not to be confused with pineberries, another type of strawberry that is white in color. About 50 different varieties of white strawberries are grown, each with a unique flavor.


White Jewel Strawberries were introduced nearly four years ago by Yasuhito Teshima in Japan's Saga Prefecture. This prefecture is the only place known to grow this variety of strawberry. Teshima has been crossbreeding strawberries for numerous years to create a large strawberry that has white flesh and white skin. Although other white strawberries exist, Teshima claims that his are bigger and whiter than any other variety out there.  

Growing Process

White Jewel Strawberries receive less sun exposure than regular strawberries. This limited sunlight means that the berries contain less anthocyanin, which gives strawberries their vibrant red color. Teshima, the leading white strawberry producer, says that only 10% of the strawberries grown turn out white. Years of breeding and a low yield rate make these strawberries more pricey than generic red strawberries. While these berries may be small, they take up a lot of space to grow, which also contributes to the high price. 


The white color might make one think that the berries are tart or sour, but in fact, the opposite is true. They are sweeter than red strawberries. Some people say that a white strawberry tastes like a pineapple and melts into a sweet, candy-like aftertaste. 

How Expensive Are White Strawberries?

Because of the labor-intensive growing process, white strawberries are far more expensive than red ones. One strawberry could be sold for $10 USD. To put this into perspective, a 16-ounce package of organic red strawberries costs about $6-$7. Some packages of white strawberries can cost up to $40. While they may sound expensive, these White Jewel strawberries are not the most expensive strawberry breed. The Kokota strawberries are the most expensive, clocking in at $22 per berry. 

Where Are They Sold?

Unfortunately, white strawberries are not sold in supermarkets in the United States; they are mainly available in Japan. If you ever find yourself in Japan, you can get them at supermarkets or even pick them yourself on a strawberry farm. In addition, you can also grow white strawberries in your very own backyard if you're blessed with a green thumb. 


White Strawberry Tart:

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some white strawberries, try this tart. This tart is an amazing way to use the berries because it emphasizes not only their beautiful color, but their fresh taste. 

The Bottom Line

If you love trying new fruits, white strawberries should be something to put on your bucket list . They might be on the expensive side, but they're worth the splurge.