Some people say the dorms are like frats, but I say the dorms are like drinks. The unique Notre Dame dorm culture creates stereotypes about each hall and the students that live there, and what better way to describe these boys than with the drinks they practically bathe in on the weekends.

Alumni Hall - F**k Buckets

Our beloved frat boys of South Quad never cease to entertain us with their over-the-top antics. Due to their larger-than-life personalities (or maybe it’s just just their enlarged egos?), it is clear that these dawgs are everyone’s favorite oversized drink at Club Fever.

Consuming a mysterious drink of that size can lead to many stupid decisions, many of which the boys of Alumni will be able to say, “been there done that!”

Carroll Hall - Whiskey Sour

A little out there, but extremely well loved. This description fits both our Carroll boys as well as the whiskey sour. Even though they are slightly out of the way, these guys are always down for a good time, just look at Carroll Christmas. Their quirks, even their bleached hair, make them that much more endearing.

Dillon Hall - Old Fashioned

As one of the oldest dorms on campus, it is no surprise that Dillon Hall most closely reminds me of this classic bourbon drink. More mature drinkers will say that the old fashioned is the standard bar drink, and the Big Red certainly sets the standards high for every other men's hall. As the largest dorm on campus, these boys kill it when it comes to school spirit. Keep it up.

Duncan Hall - Martini

These boys are classier than Leonardo DiCaprio in a tuxedo. I mean, let’s talk about those green blazers. If you get that invite to their signature dance, the Highlander Highrise, you will feel like you should be drinking martinis all night, even though you will really just be sipping Fireball out of a Ziploc bag on the bus.

Dunne Hall - Margaritas

Honestly I don't know anything about Dunne except that they sell tacos. But hey, everyone loves a good marg.

Fisher Hall - Natty Light Keg

Fisher Hall is all about community. The more the merrier. This motto leads to the more refined motto: the more beer the merrier. Even though they live in a pretty gross building, this only makes these guys love it and each other even more. They go big with everything they do, especially the regatta, and a simple case of Natty would NEVER suffice.

Keenan Hall - Mad Dog 20/20

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The crazy men of Keenan come in an array of flavors, just like these incredible fruit-flavored wines. Mad Dog is not a beverage for the weak, and the Keenan Knights are anything but. If you have ever attempted the 20 in 20 challenge (more difficult than it sounds, would not recommend), you would know how fast these things can get you hammered. The Keenan boys have the same effect. 13% alcohol, 100% a good time.

Keough Hall - Jägerbombs

Drinking one Jägerbomb always leads to another, and this is a surefire way to guarantee a crazy night out. Keough boys offer the same guarantee without the 4 am puking. The 'Roos have all of the energy of Red Bull with all of the spicy personality of Jägermeister. A perfect but dangerous combination. Check out other ways to drink your Jägermeister here.

Knott Hall - Obsure IPA

These guys are weird but in the best way possible. They wear bandanas, have their own language, and participate in many other strange activities I cannot even begin to understand. The Knott boys are exactly like that IPA your crazy uncle from out of town has been Facebook messaging you to try for years even though you’re 19. Try it out. These guys are keepers.

Morrissey Hall - 4 Loko

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These guys try to be hardos but really they are just sweet and a little bit weird. Morrissey boys come in all different flavors, and some will definitely make you more hungover than others.  Manorites are down for a good time but are also up for just chilling and sipping on a Loko every once and a while.

7/11 accepts Domer Dollars, but don't tell your parents that you are spending all of your laundry money on these semi-disgusting malt beverages.

O'Neill Hall - Hamm’s

The boys of O'Neill are complete bros. Between their section pride and huge tailgate (shout out The Bus), it's clear that these guys get along really well. And if you want to share a beer with everyone in your dorm, there is only one affordable option. The overflowing baby pools of everyone favorite Midwestern beer accurately represents the fun spirit and good vibes of O'Neill Hall.

St. Edward's Hall - Irish coffee

The oldest dorm at Notre Dame has the Irish spirit down better than anyone else. Their traditions and character are reminiscent of the age-old tradition of pouring a little bit (or half a mug full) of Bailey's into your cup of Joe.

You are going to want to meet these gentlemen at all costs and get your application in to be someone's date to Yacht Dance. These boys, much like Irish coffee, will keep you dancing all night creating very blurred memories to cherish for years to come.

Siegfried Hall - Kamchatka

Only the Hall of Champions could be known as the champion of all $12 vodka. These boys are stereotyped as athletic and competitive, and I have to say I believe it. I once witnessed a Rambler take a pull of Kamchatka and then chase with protein powder. Talk about gains. These guys are just all around a good time. Love the Siegfried boys, not so much Kamchatka.

Sorin College - Scotch

Sweater vests are classy. Scotch is classy. Sorin is classy. Tall boys in the quint, not so classy, but we will over look it. The Otters have an insane legacy in their dorm which they like to honor through their brotherhood as well as their love of the postgame. Just like a serious scotch drinker would only ever take it neat, these guys would never let a night end before 3 am.

Stanford Hall - Sunset Blush Franzia

There is no denying that these North quad boys are a little fruity, but they take their partying very seriously. When hanging out in Stanford, there will be no casual wine sipping because you better slap the bag. Stanford guys are loyal friends that will be there for you no matter what you need, just like everyone's favorite pink boxed wine.

Zahm House - Jungle Juice

I fundamentally do not understand Zahm. They are the closest thing I have ever seen to a cult. They must put something in their water, and they DEFINITELY put something strange in their jungle juice. 

Everything they do is unexpected and out there, whether it be playing the recorder version of "My Heart Will Go On" across North Quad or running naked through La Fun. Stepped in Zahm once freshman year, would never go back. I am sure you're all really nice guys though.