We at the University of Denver are blessed with the long, 6-week winter break. While this does give us enough time to get fat on Mom’s home cooked meals, we eventually miss the food and drinks that we became oh-so used to back at school. The 4 week mark has now struck, and these cravings are out of control. Here is the full list of these cravings so you have something to look forward until we get back to school.

Anything from Illegal Pete’s

Photo courtesy of illegalpetes.com

There is no argument Illegal Petes is the most popular off-campus dining option at DU. Many of us get a burrito or a bowl from there at least twice a week. It is hard enough for us to say a brief farewell to Chipotle because of all the diseases and whatnot, but we also have to tackle our constant incapability to dig our faces into queso and carnitas at Illegal Petes.

Bottomless Mimosas – Jelly

Photo by Jason Stone

Nothing gets rid of the mid-week blues like a never-ending source of mimosa. Deals on alcohol (such as Bottomless Mimosas) are illegal in many states, meaning that a large number of us are unable to experience these brunch extravaganzas unless we are at school. Although, our greatest sympathy goes out to our refrigerator’s orange juice, who is just so lonely without its friend champagne.

Burger and Truffle Fries – Park Burger

Food at University of Denver

Photo by Amelia Schwartz

Just the thought of taking a big mouthful of a fat burger and sharing a basket of those truffle fries with friends makes a tear roll down our eyes.

Fat Doobie – Fat Shack

Photo courtesy of fatshack.com

The Fat Doobie – a delicious morsel of a sandwich filled with chicken fingers, french fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks and honey mustard. Is the Fat Doobie the best sandwich in the history of sandwiches? Absolutely not. Is the Fat Doobie the best sandwich in the history of sandwiches when it is past 1:30 am and you just walked out of C and G and you can’t really see or walk straight and all you want to do is shove fried food on fried food on fried food into your mouth? Yes. When we have a rare night like that during Winter Break, we are forced to go to bed, empty and unsatisfied.

Falafel Sandwich – Jerusalem

Photo courtesy of jerusalemrestaurant.com

Pretty sure that there is no where else in the United States that one can so easily get some falafel at 4am.

Mystery Shots – Crimson and Gold Tavern

Photo courtesy of flickr.com

I think every one of us can think of a time where that girl from your Calculus class or Spanish class puts a tiny glass in your hand and says, “Mystery Shots. Le’go.” I bet you that girl is now one of your best friends. That is because the secret ingredient in the Mystery Shot is friendship.

The Pancake Flight  – Snooze Eatery

Photo courtesy of snoozeeatery.com

Nothing gets our bellies more full and happy than three unique, outrageously wonderful pancakes. No matter the combination, these pancakes are the equivalent of pure joy. You can’t get that feeling at any other breakfast joint.

Big John – Jimmy Johns

Photo courtesy of jimmyjohns.com

Sure, Jimmy Johns is all around the country. But would we really consider ordering a Big John sandwich in the middle of the night in order to receive the fastest delivery service known to man? No. It is only something that one would think in college. And boy, do we miss the superhero that is Jimmy Johns.

Dollar Slice Night – Anthony’s Pizza

Photo courtesy of thrillist.com

A good deal comes in clutch when we are in college. That is why Anthony’s Dollar Slice Night, which takes place every Wednesday, is one of the highlights of our week. Unless you are from New York City, it is extremely unlikely that you would fine an equivalent deal.

Adios Motherf**kers – The Border

Photo courtesy of github.com

These cocktails probably do exist at other bars, but we wouldn’t know. There is nowhere else we would have the confidence to order such an outrageous drink.

The Omelette Bar – Halls and Nelson Dining

Photo by Keren Straus

We all know that the University of Denver is not known for its exquisite  dining facilities. Still, the one on-campus meal that does not grind our gears is breakfast – specifically the omelette bar. There are just so many delicious options that give us the power to make the perfect omelette. For a moment, we feel as if our breakfast is being made in a fancy country club. And to top it off, if you pay for a meal plan, that omelette is free.


So this article probably just made you crave these foods even more. Keep holding on, my friends. Less than 3 more weeks and we can feast on DU’s finest.

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