With Will & Grace returning 11 years later it is crucial for you to know what you should be drinking. From classy to trashy, these queens drink everything on their show, and some never stop drinking. So find out what you should drink for the premiere based on what your favorite character will be drinking. 

Grace - Red Wine

The only thing classier than red wine is Grace Adler, so that's the drink for her. Just kidding. She is definitely NOT classy, but she always attempts to be, so we'll have to give her brownie points for that. Also since her hair matches the drink, it's clearly meant to be. 

Will - White Wine

Let's all agree here and now that Will was the dad of the group. We all know if you went out with him he would not be drinking hard liquor. The obvious drink for Will would have to be white wine since it compliments Grace's drink. Just like Will is to Grace, his favorite drink is the other half to her favorite drink. He's the yin to her yang, the peanut butter to her jelly, and the milk to her cookies, so it's only right that his drink matches. 

Karen - Martini

Karen lives on a diet that consists of gin and olives so a martini is the only thing she'll be drinking. Just kidding. Karen doesn't discriminate amongst any alcohol, unless it's cheap and she can't drink it. It was a rare occasion that Karen was ever sober, and by rare occasion I mean she never was. So make sure to pour yourself a drink so you can tolerate Karen's classic high pitch nasal voice.

Jack - Tequila

Jack is obviously the wild card of the group, you never know what you're going to get from him, except that it will revolve around him. Jack is the definition of tequila because you really never know what you'll get from tequila either. You could be in bed by 11 or waking up in your bathtub in the morning. So have your tequila, but don't drink too much because you'll want to remember the return of Will & Grace.

Whoever your favorite character is or whatever your favorite drink is, make sure you pour yourself something to celebrate the return of Will & Grace.