How did the phrase "feed Zeke" form?

Football analysts have been saying that the key to the Dallas Cowboys winning football games is to “feed Zeke.” Zeke himself coined the phrase with his former teammate at The Ohio State University, Carlos Hyde, by doing a spoon to mouth gesture in the end zone after a TD or a big play. For non-football fanatics, “feed Zeke” means to give him the ball and let him run with it.

The Stats

According to FanDuel, since the beginning of 2016 (when Ezekiel Elliott entered the NFL), the Cowboys have won 85% of their games when one of their players rushed over 100 yards. Moreover, the Cowboys had the most games during that time period with a player who rushed over a 100 yards (27). Except for one occasion, Ezekiel Elliott was that player. Clearly, his catchphrase is fitting.

While he didn’t hit 100 yards rushing this past weekend in the Cowboys’ unbelievable comeback against the Falcons, he did score the Cowboys' first touchdown of the game. ESPN Get Up football analyst and former NFL coach, Rex Ryan, attributed Elliott's touchdown to flipping the game in favor of the Cowboys mentally. 

With all of this discussion to “feed Zeke,” I would like to ask “What does Zeke actually eat?”

While he didn’t respond to my inquiries via Instagram DM (but you’re welcome to respond anytime!), I found some fun answers online. In Cabo, where he stayed during his contract holdouts, he frequently went to Izzy's Restaurant, where he had his very own menu item. The "Zeke Roll" is a sushi roll with Wagyu beef, eel sauce, crab meat, avocado, and cucumber. Elliot and Deion Sanders also share the same chef, Chef Hoppie. He cooks a lot of high protein meals for Zeke, like shrimp wrapped in steak.

Quarantine Eats?

I was disappointed to see that he didn’t share any quarantine food ideas—missed opportunity there, Zeke—but he did partner with North Texas Food Bank to provide local meals during the pandemic, so we will have to let him slide.

If you’re looking for something new to eat, Zeke, may I recommend ezekiel bread? It is divine.