Finals, the most dreaded time of the year. The time when we drink more coffee then we think is imaginable and stay up longer then we ever thought we could. If you're like most people, your parents (mostly mothers) send you care packages filled with goodies to help you survive the worst week of the semester. Some of the stuff, we don't eat or use. So here is a list of that we actually want in our care package:

1. Tissues

I mean we're gonna need something to wipe our tears with when we have 2am breakdowns. Also, bathroom toilet paper makes our skin dry and our eyes look very puffy.  

2. Money

Connor Howe

Late night pizza orders and Starbucks are what this will be used for this

3. Snacks

chocolate, candy
Emma Delaney

I know most boxes are filled with snacks, but that's usually it. Mix it up and fill it up with cookies, and KIND Bar's. 

4. Alcohol (mainly wine)

beer, liquor, alcohol, wine
Amy Miller

I mean we're gonna need it to take the edge off and to celebrate with after finals are over. 

5. Pictures of your dog

Li Stalder

I don't know anything that motivates me more than seeing a picture of my pet from home. It makes me wanna study and finish strong. Also, if a picture of a dog doesn't make you happy or lift your spirits IDK what will. 

6. Candy 

sweet, cake, chocolate, candy
Alex Frank

I mean we all need a sugar high at 3am to keep us going. 

7. Gum

Rachel Weitzman

Sorry, I mean we might not have the most fresh of teeth (but who are we trying to impress anyways? I mean besides our professors with hopes that they'll curve the test).

8. Water

beer, coffee, alcohol
Emery Sereno

Even though this is the last one on the list ,it's one of the most important ones. You'll be filling up your water bottle more often then you'll realize.

So, if you already know your parents are sending you a care package, you might wanna give them a heads up and send them this article.