Imagine the last time you were in the line at Henderson's Center in the Davis Center, debating how much time you actually have to spare to get a cup of coffee and get to your first lecture on time. The line is getting shorter, you're getting closer to the counter, and suddenly you can't decide on what kind of coffee you're feeling today. Sweet? Strong? The lovely student barista warmly greets you, but you're too paralyzed with indecisiveness to respond. 

Why not expand your taste in beverages, and learn something more about yourself? Here are our Henderson's recommendations, based on your college at UVM. 

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS): Turtle Mocha

Your mantra is "normal is boring." So why would you want to drink a coffee that's anywhere near typical? For you, we recommend a turtle mocha. It has light notes of caramel and chocolate, making it a perfect treat on your way to a bio lab. For a little extra boost, try an extra shot of espresso. 

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS): Classic Cappuccino

Why mess with something so perfect? The Cappuccino is all that you stand for in life. You're honest and straight to the point, so a coffee that suits your philosophy is perfect at all hours. It's also the perfect beverage for that cozy Instagram photo. 

Grossman School of Business: Red Eye

We're not saying that people who put milk in their coffee are weak... but we are suggesting that drinking coffee black makes you look like a total badass. If you can muster the flavor of strong coffee and tolerate the caffeine concentration inside of a red eye, there will be no going back. 

College of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences (CEMS): Peppermint Mocha

You're nostalgic and always want to please others, so the fun, flirty flavor of the peppermint mocha is perfect for you. It will bring you back to the days of playing on the slopes instead of spending late nights working on statics homework. 

College of Education and Social Services (CESS): Maple Latte

You're cool, calm, collected, and probably have color-coded notebooks and planners. Not only does a light maple taste provide a boost for your day, but it will remind you that the best things in life are simple. 

College of Nursing and Health Sciences: Dirty Chai Latte 

Coffee or tea? You're not indecisive, but you do want the best of both worlds. Try this caffeinated concoction with chai tea, steamed milk, and espresso. 

Rubenstein School of the Environment and Natural Resources: Iced Coffee with Oat Milk in a Mason Jar (#sustainable)

And I'm not just saying that because it's my home college and drink of choice, but because the oat milk doesn't obscure any of the coffee's natural flavor. If you're in RSENR, you're pragmatic and always looking for a challenge. Any extra "fluff" in your life will just stand in the way of your success. Keep your coffee close, and get back to the GIS lab. 

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Alex Frank

Did we get it right? Comment below with your favorite Henderson's beverage- we might just have to try it for ourselves!