As much as I love "Parks and Recreation," I'm still Team Anna forever when it comes to the Chris Pratt/Anna Faris split. However, important news is important news, and Chris Pratt just revealed his Starbucks order. So we gotta drop everything, because we can now order like Andy Dwyer at Starbucks, and, like his character, his order is relatable af.

The comedy star revealed to Ellen in a "Burning Questions" interview (as part of her new "Ellen Tell Me More" YouTube series) that he is a frequent Starbucks drinker. More so, his favorite beverage is a "black coffee, like a cowboy," before quietly adding, "with 14 Splendas." I want to judge him a bit for trying to pretend to be cool with his black coffee instead of ballin' out for some milk, but I do the same. 

However, I'm low-key annoyed at the lack of specificity of his order. Like, what blend are the beans? What size cup are we talking? Is it exactly 14 Splendas? These are the ~burning questions~ Ellen should've asked Pratt, but at least we are one step closer to solving this enigma of a comedian and enabling my Starbucks addiction.