You're on the first date with a super cute guy and made sure to not eat anything that could potentially give you gas during dinner. After the awkward beginning banter, you take a big gulp of your soda and before you know it, you're letting out an Elf-sized burp.

Hence beginning the, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe I just did that — there will not be a second date" thoughts.

I'd be just as confused as you and would be super embarrassed to have let out a huge belch on a date. I don't burp on the reg, nor can I brag that I can burp the ABC's, but whenever I do let out a little belch, I'm caught pretty off guard. 

What's a Burp, Exactly?

What causes burping? According to, burping happens when you swallow air that contains gases such as nitrogen and oxygen and they need to find a way out-coming back from your belly up your throat and mouth. You might not even realize it, but you swallow this air all the time, even when you're eating and drinking. This is actually the easiest way to cause indigestion because the faster you eat, the more air you take in, thus causing you to burp more. 

#SpoonTip: Did you know that aerophagia is the scientific term to unconsciously swallowing air?

Has someone ever told you to drink some Sprite or 7-Up when you have an upset stomach? Those little bubbles in soda contain carbon dioxide, and the more that accumulate in your stomach, the more they need to come out (i.e. you burp).

How to Avoid Burping

Drinking through a straw can increase swallowing these air bubbles as well as eating your food too fast. Among these so can smoking, chewing gum, and eating hard candies because of how often you swallow air. 

#SpoonTip: If you're tired of burping, try avoiding eating spicy foods and drinking excessively, as those will cause heart burn. 

It looks like your best bet would be to avoid these things if you aren't looking to be the next alphabet burping superstar.