As great as college is, I think we could all live without the burden of being asked, “What do you want to do once you graduate?” Since it’s obviously not hard enough deciding on a major, we also get the added bonus of having to figure out our career path in our teens/early 20s. Greattt.

Rest assured, you can make your life easier by looking a little closer at yourself… and at your eating habits. The way you interact with your food actually shows a lot about your personality, which can be helpful in determining which job is right for you. Let your fate rest in the hands of food (not completely).

Mix Foods: Event Planner, Construction Manager, Nurse, or TV Producer 


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If you’re down for mixing up different foods, power to you because that means you can handle a ton of responsibilities. While focusing on one task isn’t your strong suit, you kill it when it comes to taking on a bunch of different tasks.

Since you enjoy juggling many balls (ha) you might find yourself drawn to event planning, construction management, tv production, or nursing.

Keep Foods From Touching: Real Estate Agent, Merchandiser, or Travel Agent 


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Some of us truly dread the idea of our fried chicken touching our mashed potatoes on our plate. If you can relate to this, don’t be shy – you’re probably not surprised to hear that you love to stay organized and neat.

Use your organizational skills not only to keep your dinner plate clean, but to become a merchandiser, travel agent, or real estate agent. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it clean.

Ask Questions About the Menu: Forensic Accountant, Gossip Columnist, or HR Manager 


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We all know that person who asks millions of questions about the menu before they can order their meal. Don’t shame yourself (even if your friends do knock you for this) because it just means you have a curious personality.

Bring on your inner Curious George and run with the idea of becoming a forensic accountant, gossip columnist, human resources manager, or online reputation manager. Maybe you can even become the next Sherlock Holmes.

Cuts All Food Before Eating: Engineer, Accountant, or Computer Technician 


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It really does make sense to cut up your food all at once – cut now, enjoy later. For those of you who share this philosophy, you have a very methodical and calculated approach to life.

You are gifted with a logical and strategical mind, which comes hand in hand with a variety of jobs like engineering, accounting, and computer technology.

Try New Foods: Marketing Manager, Writer, Consultant, or Chef/Baker 


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If you get super excited about the thought of testing out different cuisines – not just the mainstream food trends – this one is for you. You’re more of the creative type and aren’t afraid to explore out of your comfort zone.

There are tons of jobs that require and encourage creativity like marketing, writing, consulting and let’s not forget-chefs and bakers. Let those creative juices start flowing.

Slow Eater: College Professor, Hair Stylist, Seamstress, or Medical Lab Technician  


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While this irritates many people, slow eaters do have a method to their madness – they just want to savor their food. Okay, more than that, slow eaters like to savor every part of life and aren’t really down for people pressuring them to speed up.

Here’s the solution: select a job that you are an expert in and that gives you the most autonomy – where you can be the king/queen of your own castle. You might enjoy being a college professor, a hair stylist, a seamstress/tailor or a medical lab technician.

Fast Eater: Salesman, Lawyer, or Public Relations Manager  


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Go, speed racer. You’re the one who always gets yelled at by your mom to slow down eating–but let’s face it, it’s your way of life. Since you eat very fast, you are most likely competitive, ambitious, and a go-getter.

Because of your competitive personality, you can find joy in working in careers that have something at stake. You should consider jobs in sales, law, or public relations – let the games begin.