Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of a show called Broad City. It's hilarious, feminist, and takes place in New York City, so what more could you ask for? In honor of the show's ode to NYC, I compiled a list of New York delicacies that perfectly suit all of your favorite Broad City characters. Does your favorite food make you more of an Ilana or Abbi? Read on to find out.

1. Pizza: Ilana

We're starting this list off strong with the queen of all queens: Ilana Wexler. Ilana is your dream BFF. Whether you're dealing with the end of a successful (or not so successful) night out, a stressful situation, or a celebration, both Ilana and pizza are the only true constants in your life and you should definitely keep them around.

2. Hot dogs: Bevers

Bevers is truly a special soul. As Abbi's roommate's boyfriend, he is the sometimes loved, but mostly resented, honorary roommate of Abbi Abrams. He totally pulled a fast one on Abbi and is the ultimate moocher, so just like the ambiguous meat of a hot dog, you just cannot trust him. At the same time, Bevers does have redeeming moments since he clearly does care about Abbi, so he gets to stick around. Hot dogs taste pretty good—there's a reason why you keep eating them.

3. Donuts: Lincoln

Lincoln is basically a donut because he's my favorite, and just like donuts are the best dessert, he's the best character. Both Lincoln and donuts are sweet, fun, and cute, so there's really nothing not to like about them. And just like if you don't like donuts, if you don't like Lincoln, you can't sit with us. 

4. A hip juice bar: Trey

Trey is your quintessential New York trainer: he is always ready and on the go. Trey's motto is that when you look your best, you feel your best. You best believe that he is up to date with health and fitness. Trey is hip and fun, but also slightly condescending so it only makes sense that his food alter ego is the coolest new juice bar in town.

5. Bagel: Abbi Abrams

Abbi Abrams is co-matriarch with Ilana on Broad City. She is always by Ilana's side, and together the duo takes New York by storm. Just like Abbi is a pillar to Broad City, bagels are a pillar to New York cuisine and life. Bagels and pizza are New York's culinary claims to fame, and so are Abbi and Ilana. 

Bonus Round—Yogurt: Garol

So Garol is a minor character and this has nothing to do with New York food, but she is still my queen. If you're a true fan, you know that Garol is the human embodiment of yogurt and you live for it. Team Garol. Always. 

Now you know which Broad City character your favorite NYC foods match up with. If you ever find yourself in New York with a sudden craving for food and Broad City, be sure to pick up a snack for binge-watching.