Every year, girls will panic as they realize the first Halloween party is two days away and they have again forgotten to pick out a costume. But what better way to decide what to wear than based on your favorite candy? Scroll through to find the basic Halloween costume that fits your overall vibe. And enjoy that candy you'll be snacking on all Halloween weekend.  

Hershey Kisses: Vampire

It was only a kiss

frankieleon on Flickr

Kisses are sweet, and you might be too. But Halloween is for mixing it up, so bring out your alter ego with an all black outfit with some fake blood and fangs.

Laffy Taffy: Mermaid

Madison Brady

This candy is the basic version of salt water taffy, so clearly the basic costume of this should also be from the salty sea. Make the costume fun by doing some blue and purple ocean makeup. 

Kit Kat: Kitten

Kit Kat Bars for Halloween

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It is rumored that the creator of Kit Kat originally trademarked the candy's name as "Kit Cat," so what better way to honor him than with your feline fashion. Grab some cat ears at your local Forever 21 and throw on your go-to all black outfit for a purr-fectly basic costume. 

Skittles: Unicorn

Madison Brady

You are what you eat, and everyone knows unicorns taste the rainbow. You can pretty much wear whatever you want, just top it off with some glitter or a horn. 

Red Hots: Firefighter

Red Hots

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Clearly if you like red hots, you have some weird obsession with the spicy things in life. You probably wanted to be a firefighter at some point growing up anyways. All you need is a red outfit and a hat. 

Smarties: School Girl

Image from WikiCommons

Image from WikiCommons

Anyone out of middle school who identifies smarties as their favorite candy probably thinks fondly of their younger years. Why not live out all of those childhood memories at a frat party?

Twix: Playboy Bunny


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Twix come in pairs, just like bunny ears! Maybe pair up with your bestie and be playboy twins. You could double as the twins emoji as well

M&Ms: Alien

Image from WikiCommons

Image from WikiCommons

M&M is owned and produced by Mars candy. Also, their mascot is definitely not from this planet. Pretty much any metallic outfit will work here. And sure, throw on some glitter. 

Pop Rocks: Rock Star

Pop rocks are a little crazy, just like the rockstar persona. Paint a star over your eye, throw on some fishnets, and cut up a t-shirt and you'll be ready to (rock and) roll.

Don't worry about not having a super creative costume again. Rock your basic Halloween costume with pride, ladies.

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