Japan is notorious for coming out with some very inventive products ranging from snack foods to household appliances. I stumbled across an article about the weirdest dieting trends around the world and Japanese weight loss sunglasses just so happened to make the list. But what exactly are weight loss sunglasses?

As soon as I saw a photo of them and realized they are nothing other than a pair of blue-tinted sunglasses, my thoughts went directly to "placebo effect much?" The "scientific research" that was said to have gone into the production of these states that people find blue to be the least appetizing color. Thus, they will eat less if their food is colored blue.

Jasmine Chan

Since I can't think of any justifications to actually purchase a pair of these to try out, I decided why not just make my own? After all, they are just blue tinted glasses. So I took a pair of fake glasses and colored the glass with blue marker.

Eating breakfast with these on didn't make much difference at all. I had two pieces of toast and there wasn't much done to deter me from eating it all. For lunch however, I had leftover curry, and I will say the blue color started to give me a headache, which made me not want to eat. 

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Jasmine Chan

Still, I can't say they did much since I ended up just taking the glasses off and finishing my food without them on. Dinner was pretty similar to lunch, I was more annoyed by the blue tint than I was turned off by the food. Once again, it resulted in me taking the glasses off halfway through.  

I guess the glasses did do something to make me stop wanting to eat, but there was no stopping me from simply taking them off. Maybe if you're someone with incredible self control and would be able to withhold from taking them off these could actually work for you.

Jasmine Chan

Whether these sunglasses really do work or are just another silly fad making its rounds in the world, I do give props to the Japanese for always coming out with the most imaginative creations.