Cats—you either hate them, love them, or aspire to become a crazy cat person. One thing cats have in common with humans? They love food, and, as with us, some foods are better than others for them. Besides eating cat food, they might be interested in eating human food. With that being said, here are some of the human foods that cats can eat. 

chicken, bird
Shelby McLennan


chicken, pork, barbecue, meat
Christin Urso

Chicken has protein in it and provides energy. It's been shown that feeding cats cooked chicken without the skin is healthy for them—they are, after all, carnivores.


sushi, salmon, sashimi, fish, seafood, rice, tuna, meat, wasabi
Jocelyn Hsu

While this is a fan favorite according to my 8 year old Bengal cat named Spock, salmon is also known to have health benefits for cats. One of the main benefits is having the fatty acids in the salmon helping with your cat's eyesight


sweet, berry, blueberry
Jocelyn Hsu

While fruits are known to help make us humans healthy, they're also beneficial to cats since they're known to help cats with any digestion problems they might have, due to the high fiber and water content.


banana, vegetable
Delissa Handoko

Bananas are safe to feed your cat because of their high levels of potassium and fiber. However, if you're going to feed your cat bananas, remember not to get too carried away—they need their meat and fish too. 


pumpkin, vegetable, pasture, squash
Dea Uy

Feeding your cat some pumpkin is good because of its low calorie amount and its fiber level. Now all of those pumpkins leftover from Halloween can be put to good use.


egg, chicken, egg yolk
Jocelyn Hsu

While eggs are a common breakfast food and the official food of the world's oldest woman, they're also high in protein, which is good for cats.

beer, cake, tea, pizza
Natalie Gambrell

Although feeding your furry friend standard cat food daily is a must for their overall well being, it's important to treat your cat like they're the best in the entire world. Go on and treat them as if they're not already your best friend with any of these human foods that cats can eat. Why? Because they deserve it.