The past few years have been a great time for young entrepreneurs to get a head start in the trendy food business. Everything from black ice cream to rainbow churros to entire stores dedicated to serving edible cookie dough has most likely exploded on your Instagram feed, and it doesn't seem like this wave of food creativity is going anywhere anytime soon. But it appears the next big trend isn't all that new, though it is about to change the way you view your next lunch break.

What are food halls?

If you're from Europe or have traveled there, food halls are nothing new. In essence, food halls are indoor markets that typically rotate between three or four local food vendors and artisans, giving small businesses a chance to cook for large masses of workers on their lunch breaks.

When Americans hear the term "food hall," we may be tempted to think of our halfway-decent dining courts in the dorms, but food halls are really the upgraded version. The food is prepared fresh and in front of you as you order, and you can always opt to buy from the market as opposed to ordering from the restaurant.

Take Forum 55, a newly opened food hall in Chicago. You can order from their touchscreen kiosks or from an app on your smartphone. You can wait for your number to be called in the store, or order ahead online. There is also plenty of space for you to eat in the market, or take it to go.

Where can I find these food halls?

Although fall halls are most popular in big cities, the good news is more and more are popping up. Forum 55 in Chicago just recently opened it's doors this October, but Eately has food halls open in cities like LA, New York City, and Chicago. Not surprisingly, New York and Los Angeles are the hallmark cities for this booming food trend in the US.

Do not fear if you do not live in either New York or LA. More shops are opening up everywhere, from Boston to Atlanta to Raleigh to Seattle. Here is a good list of highly anticipated food halls opening up around the country. Head to your nearest food hall to support aspiring chefs and enjoy some local cuisine.